RAYS/Press Release: VERSUS VV25R debut !

“VV25R” is newly introduced in the VERSUS VV series, which has a sporty impression and is compatible with a wide range of domestic and European cars. Although it has a spacious 2×5 spoke design, the weight is reduced, and the concave feel to the center is emphasized by boldly removing the waste where the spokes meet. In addition, by creating a height difference between the cross-sectional line of the spoke surface from the spoke surface to the center cap and the cross-sectional line connecting from the spoke side to the hole, the concave feel becomes even stronger. The outer periphery of the rim has accents created by machining. Furthermore, the glass black has RAP (RAYS ART PAINTING) to emphasize the sporty impression.

Colors are available in Glass Black/MC/RAP (68J) and Black Chrome Coating/MC/Full DC (YAJ). Air valve and center cap is included. Optional center caps available to purchase separately. This Made in House, Made in Japan, Cast One Piece Mono block