New Item Release: VERSUS VV250LC (2021 new model)!

Design of wheel rim have not been changed in a while, for example, deep rim, polished design, or stepped rim. On the other hand, design of vehicle has been changing dramatically like sports, sedans, touring wagons, minivans, or SUVs. Of course, wheel design has been changing as well to follow the trends. This time, RAYS proposes the brand-new design RALCRAYS AROUND LIP CONCEPT) that enable new design that “fusion design of outer circumferential view of wheel and wheel rim against old rim design. Colors are: Matte Diamond Cut/Side Super Dark Gunmetal (ACJ) andCromo Ibrido (SAJ). Center cap and air valve is included.

This Made in House, Made in Japan, Cast One Piece Mono block starts delivery from Spring/Summer, 2021.