Press Release: VERSUS VV21S (Craft Collection) 

The VV21S successfully responds to today’s diversifying modern car styles, including sedans, station wagons and SUVs. The VV21S was produced by redefining what orthodox wheels for adult vehicles should be involving advanced design details. And now, a new color, Matte Diamond Cut/Side Matte Graphite, debuts as part of the Versus Craft Collection and invites the way that such wheels should be to a higher level. As a new model of the special collection provided for many years under Versus, we particularly focused on the surface machining and sharp impression at various sections this time; and we adopted the finish for which the impression is clearly different from the standard colors in the lineup. The new model clearly differs from genuine wheels and also the cutting work of the top panels makes the expression of the spokes, which remarkably curve toward the center as a characteristic of VV21S, more outstanding. The wheels fully covered with matte texture are exactly the choice for smart adults.

Color is available in Matte Diamond Cut/Side Matte Graphite (M4). Center cap and air valve is included. This Made in House, Made in Japan