Press Release: VOLK RACING TE37V 2324 MODEL (Limited Edition) !

Due to recent changes in the classic vehicle market and many requests for a re-release, the 14 inch TE37V has been revived for a limited time. Targeting popular neo-classic models such as AE86 and NA/NB Roadster, the TE37V 2324 MODEL is available in three sizes—14×7J, 14×7 1/2J, and 14×8J—optimized for the footprint of cars from this era. Whilst it appears old-school, the wheel has been updated with the latest in design, performance, and finishing technology. The TE37V 15, 17, and 18 inch sizes are also scheduled to be released in the coming year (in BK Color only).

Color is available in Dash White (DW) and Matte Black (MB). Air valve is included. Optional center caps cannot be fitted with this model. This Made in House, Made in Japan.