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Manufacturing with an eye for the high-end target like sedans, touring wagons, SUVs, and European vehicles is in high demand. The brand-new shaped “Relief Pocket” composed alongside the advanced machining technology “A.M.T.”, and high execution that can only be achieved by RAYS is emphasized in the “VV21S”. Advanced weight saving features of the “Relief Pocket” is employed on the spoke side and the body finished in Matte Super Dark Gunmetal enhancing the spoke shapes. This reduces unnecessary weight on the spoke neck from the start of development and sublimates it into a new design. “VV21S”, is a new sports shape created from advanced analysis technology and design ambition.

  • Method:Cast 1pc. Wheel
  • RAYS original test:JWL+R Spec 1
  • Color:Matte Super Dark Gunmetal (APJ)
    Jet Black (YNJ)
  • Included:Center Cap, Air Valve


Matte Super Dark Gunmetal (APJ)

Jet Black (YNJ)

Size Chart

8 1/2JFACE-145(48)5114.3φ29-φ15φ73.1
9 1/2JFACE-245(38)5114.3φ29-φ15φ73.1
    • ・INSET( ): Hub Clearance /mm
    • ・Hub clearance is the measurement to the center cap attachment. Measurements will differ depending on the center cap used. Please refer to the option parts tab for more information on center cap clearance.
    • ※Big caliper clearance marks are not suggestions for fitment.
    • ・▽: IMPREZA (GDB & GRB 4POT)
    • ・▼: IMPREZA (GDB 4POT), 86/BRZ Brembo
    • ・η: WRX STI (6POT)
    • ・Θ: WRX STI
    • ・■: IS, GS, RC, CROWN (210), MARK-X (3.5L)
    • ・⊿: IS-F
    • ・◎: RC-F
    • ・#: SILVIA (S15)
    • ・△: SKYLINE (R34 GT-R, CPV35, CKV36, HV37)
    • ・▲: SKYLINE (R34 GT-R)
    • ・○: FAIRLADY Z (Z33, Z34)
    • ・★:LANCER EVO. X
    • ・◇: GT-R (R35/φ380, φ390 rotor)
198JFACE-145(42)5112φ29-φ15φ66.6AUDI A3 Sedan(8VCJSL), BENZ A class(W177)
A45AMG(W176), BMW 118i(F40)*, M135i(F40)
218i Active tourer(F45)*, VW GOLF Ⅴ*/Ⅵ*/Ⅶ*
8 1/2JFACE-145(48)5108φ29-φ15φ63.4VOLVO XC60(UD4204TXC), XC40(XB420XC)*
V60(T5 FB420), V40(MB4164T)*, S60(ZB420)
44(49)5112φ29-φ15φ66.6AUDI RS3 Sportback(8VCZGF)*, RS3 Sedan(8VDAZL)*
A4(8K)*, BENZ C43AMG(W205)Fr*
E Class(W213)Fr, GLC(X253), BMW 530i(G30)Fr
34(59)5BENZ AMG A45 S(W177), C Class(W205/S205)Fr
BMW X1(F48)*, X2(F47)*, AUDI A4(8K), Q3(8UCZD), Q5(8R)
FACE-222(49)5BENZ CLS450 4MATIC(C257)Fr*, BMW 330i(G20)Fr
530i(G30), Z4(G29)Fr*, TOYOTA SUPRA Fr(DB22/42)*
9 1/2JFACE-248(35)5112φ29-φ15φ66.6BENZ CLS450 4MATIC(C257)Rr, AUDI A5(8T), A7(F2DLZS)
38(45)BENZ E Class(W213)Rr*, BMW 330i(G20)Rr
530i(G30)Rr*, Z4(G29)Rr, TOYOTA SUPRA Rr(DB22/42)
25(58)BENZ C Class(W205/S205)Rr*, C43AMG(W205)Rr*
      • ・All 5H-P.C.D. 112: Cannot fit Mercedes(GL Class, GLS Class, R550 4Matic, R350 4Matic 2012-, ML63 4Matic, S550 Plug in Hybrid, V class[W447], GLE63S 4Matic).
      • ※ * :Tuner size. (Tire and or wheel may interfere or protrude from the body/fender on normal based vehicles.
      • ※Fitments listed in this SAMPLE FITMENT are for reference only and do not guarantee inspection, clearance, and/or the size mandated by local authorities. Selecting sizes is by your own judgement and we recommend consulting fitments with a professional outlet.


Relief Pocket

Relief pocket on the spoke side has been created by the latest analysis technology (pierced hole). The pierced hole on the spoke side contributes to weight reduction, however, it also has an effect for strength and rigidity. Analysis technology and designing of RAYS is realized without compromising those strength and rigidity. This shape has enough strength and rigidity while reducing unnecessary weight, it’s functional beauty.

Two blacks with a different taste variation

It’s easy to just make a black colored wheel. However, it is difficult for the black color to convey the face shape and details of the wheel itself. VV21S expresses the taste of two different colors with two different black variations. Matt Super Dark Gunmetal (APJ) gives the design visibility and contrast a three-dimensional effect. Jet black is a luxurious decoration that gives a sense of luxury to the entire surface. It corresponds to various cars with a completely different black expression.

Lens type center cap

Center cap for the Black in Black style is the injection lens type center cap. The RAYS logo floating in the back of the lens has presence in every situation. By employing dimensional glittery and a reflective logo, this center cap fascinates by its overwhelming presence and luxurious feel.

A.M.T. : Advanced Machining Technology

‘VERSUS’ machining logo on VV21S: cutting edge technology that reproduces delicate designs even on three-dimensional curved surfaces using RAYS patented technology ‘Advanced Machining Technology-AMT’. In order to establish this technique, RAYS has designed and developed in-house machine tools. The brand logo and credits, which were previously expressed in molds such as stickers and castings, are engraved with a three-dimensional effect to enhance the value of the VV21S. In addition, the Jet Black color shines in prism color due to the reflection effect of light.

FACE 1 & FACE 2 cross section

FACE 1 secures caliper clearance. On the other hand, FACE 2 creates a concave face towards the center. This deep concave face is always fascinating the customer. Both of FACE 1 and FACE 2 are prepared for the 20×8.5J size for various applications. For vehicles that do not need caliper clearance, the concave shape can be installed to the front by selecting FACE2.

Slim spokes expresses a sporty presence

VV21S is composed with Y-type spoke configuration. Those slim spokes brings a sharp and sporty presence. However, sometimes a wheel with slim spokes do not match some vehicle types. The VV21S is slender, but it has a spoke side shape which can be said to be a sub-spoke, so to not lose the power of the vehicle, and while it is slender, it provides a dynamic feel.