Latest Overseas Limited Model featuring Matte Red

The ZE40 is a completely new wheel design with each of its 10 spokes featuring an aesthetic finish that helps to reduce weight. Those spokes will also feature 4 different concave faces, depending on the width and offset of the ZE40 of your choice. The wheel center of the ZE40 incorporates a new overhang design for strength and appearance. Detail touches on the Volk Racing ZE40 include machined logos and red high-speed air valves.Now the exclusive color of Matt Red is available only for this model. Size variations available 17/18inch applications.

  • ・Method:Forged 1pc. Wheel
  • ・RAYS original test:JWL+R Spec 2
  • ・Color:Matte Red(MA)
  • ・Included:Air Valve 47
  • ・Optional:VR Center Cap Model-01 Low MA


Matte Red (MA)

17-18 inch

188 1/2JFACE-135(31)5114.3φ29-φ13φ73.1
9 1/2JFACE-245(21)5114.3φ29-φ13φ73.1
10 1/2JFACE-315(43)5114.3φ29-φ13φ73.1


  • INSET:(hub clearance)/mm
  • ※Big caliper clearance marks are not suggestions for fitment.
  • ・ψ: ROADSTER(ND) & ABARTH 124 SPIDER(brembo)
  • ・▽: IMPREZA (GDB & GRB 4POT)
  • ・▼: IMPREZA (GDB 4POT)
  • ・Θ: WRX STI
  • ・■: IS, GS, RC, CROWN (210), MARK-X (3.5L)
  • ・⊿: IS-F
  • ・◎: RC-F
  • ・#: SILVIA (S15)
  • ・△: SKYLINE (R34GT-R, CPV35, CKV36, HV37)
  • ・□: SKYLINE (CKV36, HV37)
  • ・▲: SKYLINE (R34 GT-R)
  • ・○: FAIRLADY Z (Z33, Z34)
  • ・●: FAIRLADY Z (Z34)
  • ・☆: LANCER EVO.(VII~IX, X)
  • ・★: LANCER EVO.X
  • ・◇: GT-R (R35/φ380, φ390 rotor)
  • ・◆: GT-R (R35/φ380 rotor)
188 1/2JFACE-1445112φ29-φ15φ73.1AUDI TT(8J),VW GOLF V*/Ⅵ*/Ⅶ*,BENZ C63 AMG
9 1/2JFACE-2455120φ29-φ15φ72.6HONDA CIVIC TYPE-R(FK8*)
  • ・All 5H-P.C.D.112/120: Cannot fit Mercedes(GL Class, R550 4Matic, R350 4Matic 2012-, ML63 4Matic, S550 Plug in Hybrid, V class[W447], GLE63S 4Matic), Rolls-Royce, Bentley, BMW X5 (7seater), BMW X5 (F15), BMW X6 (Active Hybrid), Land Rover.
  • ※BORE(HC): Hub Centric
  • ※Fitments listed in this SAMPLE FITMENT are for reference only and do not guarantee inspection, clearance, and/or the size mandated by local authorities.
    Selecting sizes is by your own judgement and we recommend consulting fitments with a pro-fessional outlet.
  • ※* : Tuner size


Catch the forces from the tires

A knurling process has been applied to enhance the performance of the tires. In addition, the rim flange has achieved a thickness that balances strength, rigidity and lightness to ensure it does not cave in to the high force pressure coming from the tires.

Center Cliff

The overhang design around bolt hole brings strength of the center part and while reducing weight.

Spokes' profile born from analysis

Areas of the spokes that do not bear the brunt of the stress have been thoroughly lightened. This was made possible by using advanced analysis technologies.

Optional Center Cap

VR Centre Cap Model-01 Low MA

Face Design 17"