Wheel design past the extreme long spoke silhouette

Offering a deep shine is the Stratagia Series. Everyone wants a visually larger apprearing wheel design and this one offers with by the designing the spokes with diagnol lines and stretching to the center hub. This stereoscopic effect was derived from an idea of folding a plane.

  • Method:Cast 1pc. Wheel
  • RAYS original test:JWL+R Spec 1
  • Color:Cromo Italiano(RB)
    Cromo Ibride(DR)
  • Included:Center Cap


Cromo Italiano (RB)

Cromo Ibride (DR)

Size Chart

177J42(50), 48(44), 55(37)114.3φ29-φ15φ73.1
42(50), 48(44), 55(37)114.3φ29-φ15φ73.1
198J35(54), 45(44)5114.3φ29-φ15φ73.1
208 1/2J38(54), 45(47)5114.3φ29-φ15φ73.1
    • ・INSET ( ) :Hub Clearance/mm


A new dimensional shape

Vouge means the long pike. This new dimensional designed spoke shape is new and different from a standard spoke count.

Intricate details on the spoke side

The spoke face provides a slim and long design. The spoke side however, provides details of edges with different angles providing just enough volume, spoke length, dimension and a feel of luxury like no other wheel before.

Incoporation of the center cap into the design

Vehicles of today requires a higher offset and higher hub height. This wheel incorporates the center cap to the design so the overall feel is not interrupted. This provides a rounder face and a dimensional appeal.

Emphasize the round design

The eye point is the V shaped long spokes pointing to the outer diameter of the wheel. This pair provides a round face as well as different levels of the spokes.