Customization one notch above Rv5

A LIMITED EDITION model appears in Rv5, which is characterized by powerful, rock-solid spokes in folding-fan shapes and a well-built design based around straight lines and the surface. Rv5 LIMITED EDITION truly pursues black as the base color. The simple but aggressive black color gives users the aura of customization experts. This includes a dedicated super HIBOSSCAL® sticker sheet to attach a vivid red effect color if desired. Depending on the vehicle type, the color combination of black and red can emphasize your customizing taste while changing your car into a sporty racer, giving you customization with a sensibility that is one notch above. Rv5 LIMITED EDITION for your own spec is now available.

  • Method:Cast 1pc. Wheel (20inch Reverse Rim)
    ※20inch:Reverse rim-type. Please take care during tire installation.
  • RAYS original test:JWL+R Spec 1
  • Color:Black / Logo Machining (BNJ)
  • Included:HFULLCROSS Center Cap
    €Inside Air Valve (Aluminum) BK
    Long Adapter
    HIBOSSCAL® sticker sheet
  • Optional:EU parts set


Black / Logo Machining (BNJ) *Hi-boscal sticker

Black / Logo machining (BNJ)

Size Chart

    • ・INSET ( ) : Hub clearance/mm
208 1/2J38(46)5114.3φ29-φ15φ73.1
      • ・INSET ( ) : Hub clearance/mm


Dedicated super HIBOSSCAL® sticker sheet

Rv5 LIMITED EDITION comes with red super HIBOSSCAL® stickers that accent black, the base wheel color. The thick sticker’s embossed surface (convexo-concave processing of the brand name and product logo) has a 3D appearance and gives your car a premium feel. The stickers enable you to choose any spec, from a simple but cool look to a sense of customization with the red effect color.

RAYS logo machining

RAYS logo machining gives the black wheel a glittering one-point accent and emphasizes the made-in-Japan quality.

Dedicated center caps

We created a new center cap with a new color designed exclusively for Rv5 LIMITED EDITION. Black plating with a low tone is used to match the black wheel.