Developed as an evolution of the Racing Composite R40 / R40 REVO type, R40 ICONIX has improved the form of penetration and bag nuts with screws so that they can be easily attached and detached with a special wrench even when the wheel is attached. did. In terms of design, the HEX surface is drilled on 6 sides to give a distinctive design that allows the end cap to be seen, making it a gem that stands out as a wheel accent.
(Design Registration No. 1507655 USA US D710,683S)

  • The closed-end cap can be selected from two types, resin, and aluminum, with different materials and designs.
  • The body nut is forged by SCM435. There are two colors, black, and neo-black.
  • Three taper colors (red, blue, and black) are set to match the color of the cap.

Racing Composite R40 iCONIX (Lock & Nut Set) (Aluminum Cap)

Product No.SizeColorCap ColorJAN code
RIA-11NRM12 x P1.5NeochroRed4965581 146164
RIA-11KRM12 x P1.5BlackRed4965581 146188
RIA-11NUM12 x P1.5NeochroBlue4965581 146201
RIA-11KUM12 x P1.5BlackBlue4965581 146224
RIA-11NKM12 x P1.5NeochroBlack4965581 146782
RIA-11KKM12 x P1.5BlackBlack4965581 146805


Product No.SizeColorCap ColorJAN code
RIA-13NRM12 x P1.25NeochroRed4965581 146171
RIA-13KRM12 x P1.25BlackRed4965581 146195
RIA-13NUM12 x P1.25NeochroBlue4965581 146218
RIA-13KUM12 x P1.25BlackBlue4965581 146232
RIA-13NKM12 x P1.25NeochroBlack4965581 146799
RIA-13KKM12 x P1.25BlackBlack4965581 146812


Racing Composite R40 iCONIX (Nut Set) (Aluminum Cap)

Product No.SizeColorCap ColorJAN code
RIA-01NRM12 x P1.5NeochroRed4965581 146461
RIA-01KRM12 x P1.5BlackRed4965581 146485
RIA-01NUM12 x P1.5NeochroBlue4965581 146508
RIA-01KUM12 x P1.5BlackBlue4965581 146522
RIA-01NKM12 x P1.5NeochroBlack4965581 146621
RIA-01KKM12 x P1.5BlackBlack4965581 146645


Product No.Size SizeColorCap ColorJAN code
RIA-03NRM12 x P1.25NeochroRed4965581 146478
RIA-03KRM12 x P1.25BlackRed4965581 146492
RIA-03NUM12 x P1.25NeochroBlue4965581 146515
RIA-03KUM12 x P1.25BlackBlue4965581 146539
RIA-03NKM12 x P1.25NeochroBlack4965581 146638
RIA-03KKM12 x P1.25BlackBlack4965581 146652


Racing Composite R40 iCONIX (Lock & Nut Set) (Resin Cap)

Product No.SizeColorCap ColorJAN code
RIF-11NRM12 x P1.5NeochroRed4965581 146089
RIF-11KRM12 x P1.5BlackRed4965581 146102
RIF-11NUM12 x P1.5NeochroBlue4965581 146126
RIF-11KUM12 x P1.5BlackBlue4965581 146140
RIF-11NKM12 x P1.5NeochroBlack4965581 146744
RIF-11KKM12 x P1.5BlackBlack4965581 146768


Product No.SizeColorCap ColorJAN code
RIF-13NRM12 x P1.25NeochroRed4965581 146096
RIF-13KRM12 x P1.25BlackRed4965581 146119
RIF-13NUM12 x P1.25NeochroBlue4965581 146133
RIF-13KUM12 x P1.25BlackBlue4965581 146157
RIF-13NKM12 x P1.25NeochroBlack4965581 146751
RIF-13KKM12 x P1.25BlackBlack4965581 146775

Racing Composite R40 iCONIX (Nut Set) (Resin Cap)

Product No.SizeColorCap ColorJAN code
RIF-01NRM12 x P1.5NeochroRed4965581 146386
RIF-01KRM12 x P1.5BlackRed4965581 146409
RIF-01NUM12 x P1.5NeochroBlue4965581 146423
RIF-01KUM12 x P1.5BlackBlue4965581 146447
RIF-01NKM12 x P1.5NeochroBlack4965581 146584
RIF-01KKM12 x P1.5BlackBlack4965581 146607


Product No.SizeColorCap ColorJAN code
RIF-03NRM12 x P1.25NeochroRed4965581 146393
RIF-03KRM12 x P1.25BlackRed4965581 146416
RIF-03NUM12 x P1.25NeochroBlue4965581 146430
RIF-03KUM12 x P1.25BlackBlue4965581 146454
RIF-03NKM12 x P1.25NeochroBlack4965581 146591
RIF-03KKM12 x P1.25BlackBlack4965581 146614

Racing Composite R40 iCONIX (Lock & Nut Set) (Cap Less)

Product No.SizeColorTaper CollarJAN code
RI-11NRM12 x P1.5NeochroRed146003
RI-11KRM12 x P1.5BlackRed146027
RI-11NUM12 x P1.5NeochroBlue146041
RI-11KUM12 x P1.5BlackBlue146065
RI-11NKM12 x P1.5NeochroBlack146706
RI-11KKM12 x P1.5BlackBlack146720


Product No.SizeColorTaper CollarJAN code
RI-13NRM12 x P1.25NeochroRed146010
RI-13KRM12 x P1.25BlackRed146034
RI-13NUM12 x P1.25NeochroBlue146058
RI-13KUM12 x P1.25BlackBlue146072
RI-13NKM12 x P1.25NeochroBlack146713
RI-13KKM12 x P1.25BlackBlack146737

Racing Composite R40 iCONIX (Nut Set) (Cap Less)

Product No.SizeColorTaper CollarJAN code
RI-01NRM12 x P1.5NeochroRed146300
RI-01KRM12 x P1.5BlackRed146324
RI-01NUM12 x P1.5NeochroBlue146348
RI-01KUM12 x P1.5BlackBlue146362
RI-01NKM12 x P1.5NeochroBlack146546
RI-01KKM12 x P1.5BlackBlack146560


Product No.SizeColorTaper CollarJAN code
RI-03NRM12 x P1.25NeochroRed146317
RI-03KRM12 x P1.25BlackRed146331
RI-03NUM12 x P1.25NeochroBlue146355
RI-03KUM12 x P1.25BlackBlue146379
RI-03NKM12 x P1.25NeochroBlack146553
RI-03KKM12 x P1.25BlackBlack146577

Package of 20 aluminum caps

Product No.SizeColorJAN code
CIA1RM12 x P1.5Red4965581 145778
CIA3RM12 x P1.25Red4965581 145808
CIA1UM12 x P1.5Blue4965581 145785
CIA3UM12 x P1.25Blue4965581 145815
CIA1KM12 x P1.5Black4965581 145761
CIA3KM12 x P1.25Black4965581 145792


  • Aluminum color (surface treatment) is anodized and may fade due to aging deterioration due to sunlight, ultraviolet rays, etc. Please note that due to the characteristics of the product.

Package of 20 resin caps

Product number No.SizeColorJAN code
CIF1RM12 x P1.5Red4965581 145716
CIF3RM12 x P1.25Red4965581 145747
CIF1UM12 x P1.5Blue4965581 145723
CIF3UM12 x P1.25Blue4965581 145754
CIF1KM12 x P1.5Black4965581 145709
CIF3KM12 x P1.25Black4965581 145730
CIF1WM12 x P1.5White4965581 146829
CIF3WM12 x P1.25White4965581 146836


  • The durable temperature of the resin closed-end cap is up to 100 ℃. It may be deformed in a harsh usage environment such as a race. Please remove it when using it in a race.
  • The resin color may change due to deterioration over time due to sunlight, ultraviolet rays, etc. In particular, the white resin is prone to yellowing and deterioration. Please note that due to the characteristics of the product.

Replenishment parts (1pc) nut

SizeProduct No.ColorTaper CollarJAN code
(4965581 ~)
M12 x P1.5ZRI1KRBlackRed145143
M12 x P1.25ZRI3KRBlackRed145150
M12 x P1.5ZRI1KUBlackBlue145167
M12 x P1.25ZRI3KUBlackBlue145174
M12 x P1.5ZRI1KKBlackBlack145228
M12 x P1.25ZRI3KKBlackBlack145235
M12 x P1.5ZRI1NRNeochroRed145181
M12 x P1.25ZRI3NRNeochroRed145198
M12 x P1.5ZRI1NUNeochroBlue145204
M12 x P1.25ZRI3NUNeochroBlue145211
M12 x P1.5ZRI1NKNeochroBlack145242
M12 x P1.25ZRI3NKNeochroBlack145259


Replenishment parts (1pc) lock

SizeProduct No.ColorTaper Collar
M12 x P1.5YLI1KRBlackRed
M12 x P1.25YLI3KRBlackRed
M12 x P1.5YLI1KUBlackBlue
M12 x P1.25YLI3KUBlackBlue
M12 x P1.5YLI1KKBlackBlack
M12 x P1.25YLI3KKBlackBlack
M12 x P1.5YLI1NRNeochroRed
M12 x P1.25YLI3NRNeochroRed
M12 x P1.5YLI1NUNeochroBlue
M12 x P1.25YLI3NUNeochroBlue
M12 x P1.5YLI1NKNeochroBlack
M12 x P1.25YLI3NKNeochroBlack


Replenishment parts (1pc) Closed end cap (made of aluminum)

SizeProduct No.ColorJAN code
(4965581 ~)
M12 x P1.5ZCIA1RRed145075
M12 x P1.25ZCIA3RRed145105
M12 x P1.5ZCIA1UBlue145082
M12 x P1.25ZCIA3UBlue145112
M12 x P1.5ZCIA1KBlack145068
M12 x P1.25ZCIA3KBlack145099


Replenishment parts (1pc) Closed end cap (made of resin)

SizeProduct No.ColorJAN code
(4965581 ~)
M12 x P1.5ZCIF1RRed145013
M12 x P1.25ZCIF3RRed145044
M12 x P1.5ZCIF1UBlue145020
M12 x P1.25ZCIF3UBlue145051
M12 x P1.25ZCIF3KBlack145037
M12 x P1.5ZCIF1WWhite145280
M12 x P1.25ZCIF3WWhite145297


Aluminum Cap Special Adapter (1pc)

JAN code
4965581 145129

Resin Cap Special Adapter (1pc)

JAN code
4965581 145136

Dedicated adapter (1pc) Adapter

Nut side nut side / 17HEX
Wrench side Wrench side / 21HEX
A10 L60
JAN code
4965581 511702

Key Adapter (1pc) Key Adapter



Classical finish

Classical finish

Classical finish