• M14 × P1.5: Nissan GT-R (2015 NISMO version), Civic Type R (FK2 / FK8),
    Lexus LS (460 / 600h / 500 / 500h), LC (500 / 500h), Land Cruiser (100 series) / 200 series), imported cars (Hummer H2, Camaro 2009 or later), etc. * Refer to the compatibility table for imported cars.
  • For long hub bolts (imported cars, etc.), the cap may not be attached.
  • M14 x P1.25: This screw size is an overseas custom-made product (competition part). When ordering, please contact our domestic department.
  • You can choose 2 types of nut colors (black, neo-black) and 4 types of caps (red, blue, gold, black).
  • (Design Registration No. 1507655 USA US D710,683S)

Racing Composite R40 iCONIX (Lock & Nut Set) (Aluminum Cap)

Product No.SizeColorCap ColorJAN code
RIA-14NRM14 x P1.5NeochroRed4965581 146911
RIA-14KRM14 x P1.5BlackRed4965581 146874
RIA-14NUM14 x P1.5NeochroBlue4965581 146928
RIA-14KUM14 x P1.5BlackBlue4965581 146881
RIA-14NAM14 x P1.5NeochroGold4965581 146904
RIA-14KAM14 x P1.5BlackGold4965581 146867
RIA-14NKM14 x P1.5NeochroBlack4965581 146898
RIA-14KKM14 x P1.5BlackBlack4965581 146850


Product No.SizeColorCap ColorJAN code
RIA-15NRM14 x P1.25NeochroRed4965581 146997
RIA-15KRM14 x P1.25BlackRed4965581 146959
RIA-15NUM14 x P1.25NeochroBlue4965581 147000
RIA-15KUM14 x P1.25BlackBlue4965581 146966
RIA-15NAM14 x P1.25NeochroGold4965581 146980
RIA-15KAM14 x P1.25BlackGold4965581 146942
RIA-15NKM14 x P1.25NeochroBlack4965581 146973
RIA-15KKM14 x P1.25BlackBlack4965581 146935


Racing Composite R40 iCONIX (Lock & Nut Set) (Cap Less)

Product No.SizeColorJAN code
RI-14NAM14 x P1.5Neochro4965581 147222
RI-14KAM14 x P1.5Black4965581 147246


Product No.SizeColorJAN code
RI-15NAM14 x P1.25Neochro4965581 147239
RI-15KAM14 x P1.25Black4965581 147253

Closed End Cap (Aluminum Cap) 20pcs

Product No.SizeColorJAN code
CIA4RM14 x P1.5Red4965581 147147
CIA4UM14 x P1.5Blue4965581 147154
CIA4AM14 x P1.5Gold4965581 147161
CIA4KM14 x P1.5Black4965581 147178


Product number No.Size SizeColorJAN code
CIA5RM14 x P1.25Red4965581 147185
CIA5UM14 x P1.25Blue4965581 147192
CIA5AM14 x P1.25Gold4965581 147208
CIA5KM14 x P1.25Black4965581 147215


•Aluminum color (surface treatment) is anodized and may fade due to aging deterioration due to sunlight, ultraviolet rays, etc.
Please note that due to the characteristics of the product.

Racing Composite R40 iCONIX M14 Part 1pc

■ Replenishment parts (1) Nut
SizeProduct No.ColorJAN code
M14 x P1.5ZRI4NANeochro147024
M14 x P1.5ZRI4KABlack147017
M14 x P1.25ZRI5NANeochro147048
M14 x P1.25ZRI5KABlack147031

■ Replenishment parts (1) Lock Nut

SizeProduct No.Color
M14 x P1.5YLI4NANeochro
M14 x P1.5YLI4KABlack
M14 x P1.25YLI5NANeochro
M14 x P1.25YLI5KABlack

■ Replenishment parts (1) Aluminum Closed End Cap (made of aluminum)

SizeProduct No.ColorJAN code
(4965581 ~)
M14 x P1.5ZCIA4RRed147062
M14 x P1.5ZCIA4UBlue147079
M14 x P1.5ZCIA4AGold147086
M14 x P1.5ZCIA4KBlack147093
M14 x P1.25ZCIA5RRed147109
M14 x P1.25ZCIA5UBlue147116
M14 x P1.25ZCIA5AGold147123
M14 x P1.25ZCIA5KBlack147130

Dedicated Adapter (1pc)

Nut side nut side / 19HEX
Wrench side Wrench side / 21HEX
JAN code
4965581 530338

Key Adapter (1pc)

19 / 21HEX 2-step key

Aluminum cap dedicated adapter (1pc)

JAN code
4965581 145129



Color Variaton