TEAM DAYTONA: Mesh Style New Proposal

The DAYTONA M8 model has opened a new style through its innovation. The bead lock-style design is retained, but the spokes that emphasize the mesh shape are integrated within the rim flange. A new proposal for off-road mesh wheels takes customs to a higher level.

  • Method:Cast 1ps. Wheel
  • RAYS original test:JWL&JWL-T standards
  • Color:Dark Bronze(Z5)、Matte Black (N2)
  • Included:Center cap, Air valve


Matte Black (N2)

Dark Bronze(Z5)

Size Chart

178 1/2J10(43)6139.7φ29-φ13φ106.1


Rim Design

The bead lock style design and mesh spokes are infused together. The boldly processed rim makes the wheel appear wider while contributing to weight reduction.

Rim Flange

By reducing the thickness of the rim flange, the racing spirit is injected to the off-road wheels. The pierced drills with adjusted depth create an illusion of separate parts.

Mesh Spokes

By reducing the intersections of the spokes and creating the opening wider, the mesh design is emphasized further. The vertical cross section provides a profound feel to the entire wheel.

Center Part

The Dark Bronze color has a new center cap made from the aluminum forging press. This blends naturally with the wheel providing a sense of unity to the overall wheel design.