Hub Bolt

Product No.A length
SizeSpline diameter mmApplicable modelJAN code
SBT52M12 x P1.514.2TOYOTA Toyota140100
SBN49M12 x P1.2513.0NISSAN NISSAN140308
SBN-A51M12 x P1.2514.2NISSAN NISSAN141602
SBZ-A54M12 x P1.513.0MAZDA Mazda140919
SBM51M12 x P1.514.3MITSUBISHI Mitsubishi140506
SBH48M12 x P1.512.3HONDA Honda140605
SBS52M12 x P1.2514.4SUBARU Subaru142203
SBK-A48M12 x P1.2512.3SUZUKI Suzuki142302
SBK-B44M12 x P1.2512.3SUZUKI Suzuki142401
SBLC55M14 x P1.516.3* 1143903
SBT-257 57M12 x P1.514.2TOYOTA Toyota140209
SBN-259M12 x P1.2513.0NISSAN NISSAN140407
SBN-A261M12 x P1.2514.2NISSAN NISSAN141701
SBM-261M12 x P1.514.3MITSUBISHI Mitsubishi144009
SBH-258M12 x P1.512.3HONDA Honda142500

* Be sure to install at a certified maintenance shop.
* 1: SBLC (M14 x P1.5) compatible models are LAND CRUISER 100/200 series and LEXUS LS.

* For vehicle verification and blank fields, please let us know the “body number”, “model designation”, and “classification”.
* Please note that it may not be 10mm or 20mm long depending on the model. In addition, some vehicle verification may be required.
* Be sure to install at an authorized maintenance shop.