It is a penetrating aluminum shell (above) and is compatible with long hub bolts. It is also possible to install compression bolts (sold separately).
The head part is Kics’ latest design by elliptical 6-hole processing.
An evolution of the reducer shell type nut that achieves rigidity and light weight by combining the main body core nut of chromoly alloy.

Design Registration No. 15333660 No. 1551718 / USA PAT. US D746,129S

LEGGDURA RACING Shell Type Lock & Nut Set (EL53) 16 pcs + 4 Locks

Product No.SizeColorJAN code
EL53-11RM12 x P1.5Red4965581 341644
EL53-11UM12 x P1.5Blue4965581 341651
EL53-11KM12 x P1.5Black4965581 341668
EL53-13RM12 x P1.25Red4965581 341675
EL53-13UM12 x P1.25Blue4965581 341682
EL53-13KM12 x P1.25Black4965581 341699



  • Core nut (17HEX) dedicated adapter (outer diameter: 24mm) 1 piece
  • Lock core (19 / 21HEX combined) key adapter (outer diameter: 23mm) 1 piece
  • Aluminum shell dedicated resin adapter (outer diameter: 25.5mm) 1 piece

LEGGDURA RACING Shell Type Nut Duralumin Shell EL53 20pcs

Product No.ColorJAN code
SLENR2Red4965581 341705
SLENU2Blue4965581 341712
SLENK2Black4965581 341729


  • A87KP resin adapter for aluminum shell is not included.

17HEX core Nut

SizeProduct No.ColorJAN code
M12 x P1.5ZLN1BBlack4965581 341002
M12 x P1.25ZLN3BBlack4965581 341019


Lock core Nut

SizeProduct No.Color
M12 x P1.5YLR1BBlack
M12 x P1.25YLR3BBlack


Penetration aluminum shell for EL53 (* This aluminum shell is not compatible with reducer bolts.)

Product No.ColorJAN code
SLENRRed4965581 341736
SLENUBlue4965581 341743
SLENKBlack4965581 341750

Dedicated adapter (1)

Nut side 17HEX
Wrench side 21HEX
A10 L60
JAN code
4965581 511702

Key adapter (1)

19/21 HEX combined use

Resin adapter for aluminum shell (1)

(Aluminum shell side) 19HEX
Outer diameter 25.5mm / Overall length 80mm
JAN code: 4965581 530345