Stylish and Wild New Face of AZURE

57BNX a new LPS (large P.C.D.) model, the first new addition to the AZURE series in a little while mainly targets SUVs, such as Prado and Hilux. In the 2×6 design, the Y-spokes are arranged in a well-balanced way with the six holes. Its small-diameter center cap, which was adopted for the first time for the Gram Lights LPS models, has realized flowing concave lines that descend toward the center. The well section with a design featuring projections and depressions makes the wheel look voluminous enough even in comparison to the vehicles. The stylish and wild 57BNX is a new AZURE model that looks attractive both on and off roads.

  • Method:Casted 1pc. Wheel
  • RAYS original test:JWL&JWL-T standards
  • Color:Matte Graphite(MF)
    Shining Silver(SL)
  • Included:Center cap, Air Valve


Matte Graphite(MF)

Shining Silver(SL)

Size Chart



Center Cap

The small diameter center cap has been employed for the first time in the gramLIGHTS LPS Series. It makes the spokes possible to gain a smooth concave-line from the flange through center part.

Speed Brick Rim TYPE-1

By employing the new design named ‘Speed Brick Rim’ on the wheel well part, it gives the spectacular atmosphere even if the wheels are installed to the target vehicle: SUVs.


The wheels are available in two colors matte graphite that highlights the special form and edge, and a shining silver for which you can enjoy a variety of expressions that change depending on the type of light it receives and how it receives it.