57Xtreme's tremendous progress to win races

Machines powered by a 1,000-horsepower engines can now be found readily in drift competitions such as D1GP and Formula Drift. To elicit such machines’ maximum performance, we evolved pin point sizes of standard 57Xtreme into SPEC-D. RAYS has drastically upgraded functionality by re-examining the design of each section, strengthening the rim, adding a shot peening method to the wheel body, and adopting the EH2+ hump shape. The strength level naturally exceeds JWL+R SPEC2(P.C.D. 5-120 is SPEC1). In 2018, before launching into the market, the 57XTREME SPEC-D were tried at both D1GP and Formula Drift JAPAN. As a result, machines with 57XTREME SPEC-D seized both titles beautifully, proving the model’s excellent high functionality. In addition to the existing model’s Matte Graphite (MF) color, a new color designed in a trans-layered specification by arranging blue stripes on a white disc is also now available.

  • Method:Cast 1pc. Wheel
  • RAYS original test:JWL+R Spec 2 (5H-100&114.3)
    JWL+R Spec 1 (5H-120)
  • Color:Matte Graphite (MF), White (O2Z)
  • Included:HB1 Valve
  • Optional:GL Center Cap / WR Center Cap


Matte Graphite (MF)

White (O2Z)

Size Chart

189 1/2JFACE-238(23)5100φ29-φ15φ65
10 1/2JFACE-322(38)5114.3φ29-φ15φ73.1
    • ・INSET ( ):hub clearance/mm
    • ・Hub clearance is the measurement to the center cap attachment. Measurements will differ depending on the center cap used. Please refer to the option parts tab for more information on center cap clearance.
    • ※18×10 1/2J 5-114.3 INSET22 scheduled to be discontinued once inventory clears.
    • ※Big caliper clearance marks are not suggestions for fitment.
    • ・▽: IMPREZA (GDB & GRB 4POT)
    • ・▼: IMPREZA (GDB 4POT),86/BRZ Brembo
    • ・Θ: WRX STI
    • ・η: WRX STI (6POT)
    • ・■: IS, GS, RC, CROWN (210), MARK-X (3.5L)
    • ・⊿: IS-F
    • ・#: SILVIA (S15)
    • ・△: SKYLINE (R34 GT-R, CPV35, CKV36, HV37)
    • ・○: FAIRLADY Z (Z33, Z34)
    • ・☆: LANCER EVO.(VII~IX, X)
189 1/2JFACE-238(23)5120φ29-φ15φ72.6HONDA CIVIC TYPE R(FK8*)
      • ・All 5H-P.C.D.120: Cannot fit Rolls-Royce, Bentley, BMW X5 (7seater), BMW X5 (F15), BMW X6 (Active Hybrid), Land Rover.
      • ※Fitments listed in this SAMPLE FITMENT are for reference only and do not guarantee inspection, clearance, and/or the size mandated by local authorities. Selecting sizes is by your own judgement and we recommend consulting fitments with a pro-fessional outlet.
      • ※ * :Tuner size. (Tire and or wheel may interfere or protrude from the body/fender on normal based vehicles.


Upgrading to SPEC-D by re-examining each section

RAYS thoroughly re-examined the design of each section, including the rim shape. In addition, adoption of shot peening for the entire wheel successfully minimized the weight increase. Needless to say, the strength level exceeds JWL+R SPEC2, RAYS’ original strength standard.

EH2+ hump shape designed by fusing today's machine manufacturing with tire manufacturing

In recent drift competitions, tire pressure has been set lower than it used to be in order to take advantage of traction. To minimize the risk of bead dropping, which is an adverse effect of lower tire pressure, SPEC-D employs the EH2+, a hump shape used for wheels for run flat tires.

Prevention of valve-related problems

The air valve’s material has been changed from aluminum to a combination of a rubber valve and an aluminum cover. In addition, by moderating the valve’s protrusion, we reduced the risks of air leakage and damages due to contact with hard objects or vibration.

Design of the center part

The design of the center part differentiates 57XTREME SPEC-D from the existing model at a glance. It also enhances the model’s light weight.

New color with a trans-layered specification

The model has an White (O2Z) color designed by arranging a blue sticker with the RAYS/gramLIGHTS logo on a white base. We adopted the new color with a trans-layered specification by using a baking-type transfer sheet that is immune to peel-off, a design we achieved while meeting the requirements of Formula Drift USA regulations.

Optional Center Cap

  1. ・GL Center Cap (RED/Silver) Hub clearance:8mm
  2. GL Center Cap (Blue/BK chrome) Hub clearance:8mm
  3. GL Center Cap (RD/BK) Hub clearance:8mm
  4. WR Center Cap Hub clearance:6mm
    ※Overseas Model