57Trans-X OVERSEAS Model

Real sports wheel for the cross country 4WD and Hiace

The gramLIGHTS 57Transcend incorporates the delta section spoke through RCF spinning technology providing a strong and light weight wheel. This same concept is now available for the Hiace and big 4WD with 6 hole fitments. The delta section spoke design has been updated and refined to further enhance the balance of the 6 hold design and the larger mass vehicle. RAYS logo machining is placed on the spoke side as an accent to curve the concave line. This action filled sports scene including the D1GP is now bred to the 57Trans-X. The real sports wheel for the Hiace and 4WD.

※This Model is Overseas Model.

  • Method:Cast 1pc. Wheel (18inch)
    RCF Cast 1pc. Wheel (20inch)
  • RAYS original test:JWL & JWL-T Standards
  • Color:Dark Bronze/Machining(Z3)
  • Included:HB1 Air Valve BK
  • Optional:57JX (6H) Center Cap, RAYS LPS Center Cap, Optional Hub Ring


Dark Bronze / Machining (Z3)

Size Chart

208 1/2J216139.7φ29-φ15φ112
9 1/2J256139.7φ29-φ15φ112
    • ※Optional center caps not available for 5H-127.


Optional Center Cap

  1. 57JX (6H) Center Cap
    ※Hub Clearance 30mm
  2. RAYS LPS Center Cap(Chrome)
    ※Hub Clearance 44mm
  3. RAYS LPS Center Cap(Black)
    ※Hub Clearance 44mm
  4. RAYS LPS Center Cap(Bronze)
    ※Hub Clearance 44mm

Optional Hub Ring

  1. Optional Hub Ring (φ87.0/φ71.6) Gunmetal
    ※5H-127 for Wrangler

RCF(RAYS Cast Flow Forming) model (20inch)

RCF techology allows for the rim to be spun for a detailed shape and more focus of weight loss and a strong rim(20inch).


A first for the line-up is the actualization of machining on the spoke side. Different than viewing straight forward, the RAYS logo stands out even when rotating for a design accent and to emphasize the dynamic concave profile.

Delta Section Spoke

High level of technology analysis has been developed to create this delta section spoke. This provides a strong level of wheel while maintaining a thin spoke; able to withhold durable conditions.