Intelligent sports

HOMURA, which gives premium vehicles an elegant appearance, is advancing to a new stage. The twisted design, which aggressively transforms the original conservative design, produces a sporty look with dynamism. The new RCF spinning reverse method has realized a large design opening, capturing long spokes and effortless depth to create a completely unique piece of formative art. Fastidious craftsmanship typical of HOMURA achieves a new intelligent sports concept different from the typical premium look.

  • Method:RCF Cast 1pc. Wheel (Reverse Rim)
    ※This model is reverse rim-type. Please take care during tire installation.
  • RAYS original test:JWL+R Spec 1
  • Color:Spark Plated Silver(SP)
    DMC/Side Grace Silver(QAZ)
  • Included:Center Cap
    Inside Air Valve
  • Optional:17HEX Nut, Long Adapter, EU parts set

Size Chart

8 1/2JFACE-245(28)5114.3φ29-φ15φ73.1
208 1/2JFACE-145(32)5114.3φ29-φ15φ73.1
9 1/2JFACE-245(29)5114.3φ29-φ15φ73.1
  • ・INSET ( ): Hub clearance/mm
  • ※Hub clearance listed is with the standard type center cap installed. High type center cap adds extra 9mm clearance.
  • ※19×8J 5-114.3, 19×8 1/2J 5-114.3 ,20 inch scheduled to be discontinued once inventory clears.
  • ※Big caliper clearance marks are not suggestions for fitment.
  • ・▽: IMPREZA (GDB & GRB 4POT)
  • ・Θ: WRX STI
  • ・η: WRX STI (6POT)
  • ・■: IS, GS, RC, CROWN (210), MARK-X (3.5L)
  • ・⊿: IS-F
  • ・◎: RC-F
  • ・△: SKYLINE (R34 GT-R, CPV35, CKV36, HV37)
  • ・▲: SKYLINE (R34 GT-R)
  • ・α: SKYLINE (CKV36, HV37)
  • ・○: FAIRLADY Z (Z33, Z34)
  • ・●: FAIRLADY Z (Z34)
  • ・★: LANCER EVO.X
  • ・◇: GT-R (R35/φ380, φ390 rotor)
209 1/2JFACE-2455112φ29-φ15φ66.6BENZ E200(W213)Rr*,BMW 5er(G30)Rr
33AUDI A5, S7
  • ・All 5H-P.C.D. 112: Cannot fit Mercedes(GL Class, GLS Class, R550 4Matic, R350 4Matic 2012-, ML63 4Matic, S550 Plug in Hybrid, V class[W447], GLE63S 4Matic), Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Maybach.
  • ※Fitments listed in this SAMPLE FITMENT are for reference only and do not guarantee inspection, clearance, and/or the size mandated by local authorities. Selecting sizes is by your own judgement and we recommend consulting fitments with a pro-fessional outlet.
  • ※ * :Tuner size. (Tire and or wheel may interfere or protrude from the body/fender on normal based vehicles.
  • ※Scheduled to be discontinued once inventory clears.


New RCF spinning reverse method

The normal rim shape has a well in the design surface opening, and thinning this opening’s area makes the diameter appear smaller. By contrast, this first use of the RCF spinning reverse method has made it possible to emphasize the large diameter because there are no wells that can be seen from the opening. The RCF spinning method also enables the wheel weight to be reduced and the roundness of evenly stretched materials to be increased, facilitating a superior driving experience.

Conservative and twisted face

Twisted spokes give dynamism to the conservative design base, transforming the vehicle into one that gives the driver a true sense of traveling.

Attention to detail

We used a circular shape for the center part design in order to reduce weight. While this may normally tend toward dullness, we added a design to the circle to give a longer-legged, more three-dimensional look.