Wide Tread Spacer for LEXUS LS

For Lexus LS460 series, 600 series, LC500 series

■ Designed exclusively for Lexus LS.
Integrated wide tread spacer with hub.

■ Uses
super-hard aluminum material that is made by cutting forged billet material with an outer diameter of φ165 mm .

■ Hub bolts are made of chrome molybdenum steel, and
hardened high-strength and high-durability bolts are used.

■ Integrated type with hub reduces blurring during high-speed driving.

Wide Tread Spacer for LEXUS LS

Thickness thickness
  • Number of holes: 5H
  • PCD: 200
  • Thickness: 15 ・ 22 ・ 27mm
  • Outer diameter: 165mm
  • Hub diameter: φ60mm
  • Nut size: M14 × P1.5
  • Wide tread spacer / 2 sheets 1 set
  • Accessories / dedicated Nut / dedicated adapter


Product No. Size Size HOLE PCD Outer diameter mm Hub diameter mm Thickness mm JAN code
5815W1 M14 x P1.5 Five 120 165 60 15 4965581 806570
5822W1 M14 x P1.5 Five 120 165 60 22 4965581 806525
5827W1 M14 x P1.5 Five 120 165 60 27 4965581 806532


Wide tread spacer (for Lexus LS) 15mm Replenishment parts (1)

Dedicated nut
M14 x P1.5
Product number: Z100LS
JAN code: 4965581 806587


Dedicated adapter
(Nut side) 19HEX / (Wrench side) 19HEX
Product number: A27
JAN code: 4965581 510408

Wide tread spacer (for Lexus LS) 22mm, 27mm Replenishment parts (1)

Dedicated nut
M14 x P1.5
Product number: 100HC
JAN code: 4965581 113104


Dedicated adapter
(Nut side) 21HEX / (Wrench side) 21HEX
Product number: A5
JAN code: 4965581 530000


Precautions for mounting
* This wide tread spacer is exclusively for “Lexus LS460 / LS600h / LC500 / LC500h”.
Please do not install other models.
● If the tires and wheels are subjected to a strong impact, excessive force will be applied to the wide tread spacer, and if it is used as it is, it may be damaged and may lead to an accident. Remove it immediately. Also, never use the product.
● Depending on the thickness of the spacer and the offset of the wheel, it may not be possible to install it on the vehicle (protruding from the fender or contacting the tire house). When purchasing, please check the condition of the current car before purchasing.
● Before mounting, be sure to remove rust, dirt, etc. from the mounting surface on the back side of the wheel and the hub side of the vehicle body with a wire brush, etc. before mounting.
● Do not apply oil or grease to the hub bolts of the car body, hub bolts of spacers, and mounting nuts. The bolts may be damaged if tightened more than necessary.
● If there are foreign objects or protrusions on the hub side of the car body or the back side of the wheel, do not install it.
● When the wide tread spacer is attached to the vehicle body hub bolt, if the bolt protrudes from the spacer, do not attach the wide tread spacer.
● If there is an “escape” on the back side of the mounting wheel, it is possible to mount a wide tread spacer. However, if the “escape” depth is not enough to allow the genuine stud bolt to escape, do not install the wide tread spacer.
● Never install it on a vehicle with steel wheels.
● After installing the wide tread spacer, it is recommended to adjust the alignment to prevent uneven wear of the tire.
● We do not guarantee any failure or damage due to incorrect installation or handling.