This product is designed exclusively for Jimny. Please do not install it on vehicles other than Jimny.
Also, please do not use it for competitions other than general roads or driving on rough roads


(5HOLE M12 x P1.25 only)
  • HOLE: 5H ・ 6H
  • PCD: 139.7
  • Thickness: 15mm / 25mm / 30mm
  • Outer diameter outer dia. / Inner diameter inner dia.: 175mm / 108mm
  • Nut size thread size: M12 x P1.5 / M12 x P1. 25
  • Wide tread spacer / 2 pieces 1 set (2PCS)
  • Accessories: Dedicated nut / Dedicated adapter

* Wide tread spacer 4WD package does not include a dedicated hub centric ring.


Product No.SIZEHOLEPCDOuter diameter mmInner diameter mmThickness mmJAN code
5325W1M12 x P1.5Five139.7175108254965581 802008
5330W1M12 x P1.5Five139.7175108304965581 802107
6325W1M12 x P1.56139.7175108254965581 802206
6330W1M12 x P1.56139.7175108304965581 802305

* 5325W1 and 5330W1 (5HOLE / PCD 139.7 / M12 x P1.5) will be discontinued as soon as they are sold out.


Product No.SIZEHOLEPCDOuter diameter mmInner diameter mmThickness mmJAN code
5315W3M12 x P1.25Five139.7175108154965581 806594
5325W3M12 x P1.25Five139.7175108254965581 802404
5330W3M12 x P1.25Five139.7175108304965581 802503
6325W3M12 x P1.256139.7175108254965581 802602
6330W3M12 x P1.256139.7175108304965581 802701


Wide tread spacer for 4WD Replenishment parts (1)

■ Nut for 15mm
Product No.SizeJAN code
Z15125M12 x P1.254965581 113944


■ Nuts for 25mm / 30mm
Product No.SIZEJAN code
F1.5M12 x P1.54965581 113609
F1.25M12 x P1.254965581 113906

Adapter for 15mm Adapter

Product number No .: A-86
JAN code: 4965581 511733

Adapter for 25mm / 30mm Adapter

(Nut side nut side) 17HEX
(Wrench side wrench side) 21HEX
Product number No .: A10 L60
JAN code: 4965581 511702