W.T.S. HUB UNIT System

SET package “WTS hub unit system” with wide tread spacer and dedicated hub centric ring
By eliminating the gap between the wheel and hub, blurring during high-speed driving is suppressed.


  • Upgraded to a wide tread by bolt-on mounting on genuine and commercially available aluminum wheels.
  • High-quality products manufactured under precise design and strict quality control (MADE IN JAPAN).
  • Hub bolts are made of chrome molybdenum steel, and hardened high-strength and high-durability bolts are used.
  • Becomes a body and a tsuraichi, contributing to the cool appearance. With the wider tread, the turning performance has improved.
  • A special nut (for 11 to 15 mm) prevents the spacer from loosening. High reliability that can withstand hard sports driving.
  • The included dedicated hub centric ring prevents blurring during high-speed driving. (A separate hub ring is required for the after-wheel)
  • A wide variety of sizes for each car manufacturer due to the 2-piece structure.




Thread sizeHOLEPCDHub diameter mmThickness mmProduct No.JAN code
M12 x P1.5Five114.367115111W1-674965581 809427
67155115W1-674965581 807362
67205120W1-674965581 807393
67twenty five5125W1-674965581 807423
67305130W1-674965581 807454
64115111W1-644965581 809410
64155115W1-644965581 807355
64205120W1-644965581 807386
64twenty five5125W1-644965581 807416
64305130W1-644965581 807447
60115111W1-604965581 809403
60155115W1-604965581 807348
60205120W1-604965581 807379
60twenty five5125W1-604965581 807409
60305130W1-604965581 807430
10054115011W1-544965581 809304
54155015W1-544965581 807270
54205020W1-544965581 807287
54twenty five5025W1-544965581 807294
54305030W1-544965581 807300
Four10056114011W1-564965581 809113
56154015W1-564965581 807041
56204020W1-564965581 807065
56twenty five4025W1-564965581 807089
56304030W1-564965581 807102
54114011W1-544965581 809106
54154015W1-544965581 807034
54204020W1-544965581 807058
54twenty five4025W1-544965581 807072
54304030W1-544965581 807096


Thread sizeHOLEPCDHub diameter mmThickness mmProduct number No.JAN code
M12 x P1.25Five114.366115111W3-664965581 809458
66155115W3-664965581 807843
66205120W3-664965581 807867
66twenty five5125W3-664965581 807881
66305130W3-664965581 807904
56115111W3-564965581 809434
56155115W3-564965581 807836
56205120W3-564965581 807850
56twenty five5125W3-564965581 807874
56305130W3-564965581 807898
10056115011W3-564965581 809311
56155015W3-564965581 807775
56205020W3-564965581 807782
56twenty five5025W3-564965581 807799
56305030W3-564965581 807805


* Note: The above settings are a combination of a vehicle hub, wide tread, and hub.
Please note that the hub ring may not be installed depending on the wheel.
* For sizes other than the above , please purchase a package without a hub ring and a dedicated hub ring separately .

■ Hub Diameter Matcing List Hub Diameter Matcing List

HOLE x PCD x pitchWTSHub diameter mmVehicle type
5H x 114.3 x P1.551 (11-30) W167φMazda Mitsubishi 5H car
64φHonda 5H car
60φLexus Toyota 5H car
5H x 100 x P1.550 (11-30) W154φToyota Prius Celica
4H x 100 x P1.540 (11-30) W156φHonda Mitsubishi 4H car
54φDaihatsu / Mazda 4H car / Toyota 4H car
5H x 114.3 x P1.2551 (11-30) W366φNissan 5H / 114.3
56φSubaru Impreza STi / WRX / Levorg
5H x 100 x P1.2550 (11-30) W356φToyota 86 / Subaru 5H / 100 car


* The above compatible models are for reference only. Please check the size of the current car when purchasing.
* Please be careful about OEM cars made by car makers. * Please also check the screw size.
* There are vehicles with different hub diameters for the front and rear wheels, and the hub centric ring may not be available.
* Please contact us for combinations other than the above.
* When installing after-sales (external) wheels, an optional hub ring is required.


■ Dedicated nut / dedicated adapter [for 11 to 15 mm]
Uses a 12-point dedicated nut.
The 12-point handle is a high-strength and durable nut that does not easily deform because it distributes torque efficiently.
* Design registration No. 1467026

Replenishment parts (1 piece) PARTS (1pcs)

■ 11mm nut
Product No.SizeJAN code
Z10150M12 x P1.54965581 113913
Z10125M12 x P1.254965581 113937


■ Nut for 15mm
Product No.SizeJAN code
Z15150M12 x P1.54965581 113920
Z15125M12 x P1.254965581 113944


■ Nuts for 20 to 30 mm
Product No.SizeJAN code
F1.5M12 x P1.54965581 113609
F1.25M12 x P1.254965581 113906

11-15mm Adapter

Product No .: A-86
JAN code: 4965581 511733

20-30mm Adapter

(Nut side) 17HEX / (Wrench side) 21HEX
Nut side 17HEX / Wrench side 21HEX
Product No .: A10 L60
JAN code: 4965581 511702


Warning, vehicle models that cannot be installed
● Vehicles with numbers 1, 4, and 8
● Drum brake vehicles with uneven mounting surfaces
● For special vehicles other than the above, please contact us.


Precautions for installing wide tread spacers
* Please do not install other than domestic cars.
● If the tires and wheels are subjected to a strong impact, excessive force will be applied to the wide tread spacer, and if it is used as it is, it may be damaged and may lead to an accident. Therefore, never use the product. ..
● Depending on the thickness of the spacer and the offset of the wheel, it may not be possible to install it on the vehicle (protruding from the fender or contacting the tire house)
. When purchasing, please check the condition of the current car before purchasing.
● Do not mount steel wheels as the mounting surface is not flat.
● Before mounting, be sure to remove rust, dirt, etc. from the mounting surface on the back side of the wheel and the hub side of the vehicle body with a wire brush, etc. before mounting.
● Do not apply oil or grease to the hub bolts of the car body, hub bolts of spacers, and mounting nuts. The
bolts may be damaged if tightened more than necessary .
● If there are foreign objects or protrusions on the hub side of the car body or the back side of the wheel, do not install it.
● When the wide tread spacer is attached to the vehicle body hub bolt, if the bolt protrudes from the spacer,
do not attach the wide tread spacer .
● If there is an “escape” on the back side of the mounting wheel, it is possible to mount a wide tread spacer. However, if the “escape” depth
is not enough to allow the genuine stud bolt to escape, do not install the wide tread spacer.
● Drum brakes whose mounting surface is not flat Cannot be mounted on vehicles or if there are protrusions. Also,
never install it on a vehicle with steel wheels .
● Some vehicles have a large hub diameter, and wide tread spacers may not be installed.
When purchasing, please check the diameter of the vehicle hub and the inner diameter of the wide tread spacer before purchasing.
● After installing the wide tread spacer, it is recommended to adjust the alignment to prevent uneven wear of the tire.
● When installing on a vehicle with a sliding door, be careful not to let the tires stick out. The sliding door may
interfere with the tires and prevent it from opening.

Please note that the 10mm hub-centric ring may not be installed on vehicles with a vehicle hub height of 12mm or more, depending on the shape of the wheel mounting surface .
● We do not guarantee any failure or damage due to incorrect installation or handling.