A new proposal from VERSUS for the Jimny/Sierra with diversifying styles!

The VV21SX has been introduced as a new option for off-road design, eliminating the beat-rock design.The new design variation is the “VV25MX” for the Jimny/Sierra, based on the “VV25M”, which has a design that can be described as functional beauty with excellent stress distribution.The double face design allows you to enjoy the three-dimensional effect, and two different colors of black are used.We offer new styles that are suitable for both formal and casual occasions.The unique silhouette is a new proposal from VERSUS for the Jimny/Sierra, which is required to handle various road surfaces.

Size: 16inch
Construction Method: Cast 1pc. Wheel
Safety Standards: JWL+R Spec 1
Color:Matte Super Dark Gunmetal (APJ), Jet black (YNJ)


Matte Super Dark Gunmetal (APJ)

Jet black (YNJ)

Size Chart

16×5.5J F1 20 5 139 108.8 29 15 APJ 12286552015APJ
16×5.5J F1 20 5 139 108.8 29 15 YNJ 12286552015YNJ
16x6J F2 5 5 139 108.8 29 15 APJ 12286600515APJ
16x6J F2 5 5 139 108.8 29 15 YNJ 12286600515YNJ

※Can fit OEM Jimny center cap (rear only)


Face setting for each size

Two Types of faces are set for each size. The face has a dynamic concave shape, and is specially designed for each size, with the 6.0j size offering a deeper concave.”

Double face design

“Double-face design with sporty slender mesh layered with heigh differences. Once of the features is that the top spokes have a rim-over shape that creates a sense of elongation.”

Advanced Machining Technology - A.M.T.

“VERSUS” machining logo on the flange. RAYS’ proud patented technology “Advanced Machining Technology – A.M.T.” Cutting technology that reproduces delicate designs on a three-dimensional curved surfaces. At RAY’s, we designed and developed everything from the machine tool to the cutting edge in-house to ensure this technique. With Jet Black (YNJ), the logo part shines in a prismatic color due to the light refraction effect.