ATTACK the corner

The performance of compact segment cars improved dramatically due to the technical innovations of each car manufacturers. Tire grips are increased, and “mechanical grips” are also improved by higher performance suspension systems. These factors increases the compact segment car’s bottom speed, and the input value to the wheel became similar to racing cars from one generation ago. The TE37 15inch size has been on the racing field since it released in 1996. In order to surpass the performance of the TE37, the new TE37 was necessary. Therefore, everything is redesigned. [TE37 SONIC] was made as the new TE37 to match the high performance of compact cars. The strength and rigidity are enforced by creating the spokes wider than before and moving the mounting surface of the spoke end to the rim.
The TE37 SONIC exceeds the TE37 to create the new racing scene.

  • Method:Forged 1pc. Wheel
  • RAYS original test:JWL+R Spec 2
  • Color:Diamond Dark Gunmetal(MM), Bronze(BR)(almite)
  • Optional color:Extra  for MM color.
    Hyper Blue(HL), Hyper Red(HR), Racing Green(IG): Extra  from MM color
    ※TE37SONIC optional colors available at select stores only.
  • Included:Inside Air Valve (RAYS New logo) BK
  • Optional:Center Cap

Diamond Dark Gunmetal (MM)

Bronze Almite (BR)

Size Chart

15 5J FACE-1 45(24) 4 100 φ29-φ15 φ65
5 1/2J FACE-1 45(24) 4 100 φ29-φ15 φ65
6J FACE-2 42(28) 4 100 φ29-φ15 φ65
6 1/2J FACE-3 36(35) 4 100 φ29-φ15 φ65
7J FACE-4 35(33) 4 100 φ29-φ15 φ65
FACE-5 25(33)
16 5 1/2J FACE-1 45(25) 4 100 φ29-φ15 φ65
6J FACE-1 42(29) 4 100 φ29-φ15 φ65
6 1/2J FACE-1 45(32) 4 100 φ29-φ15 φ65
FACE-2 38(34)
7J FACE-2 48(31) 4 100 φ29-φ15 φ65
FACE-3 35(33)
FACE-4 25(33)
8J FACE-4 25(36) 4 100 φ29-φ15 φ65
    • INSET(  ):Hub Clearance/mm
    • ※Hub clearance listed with TE37SONIC LOW-type center cap installed. HI-type center cap adds extra 11mm clearance.


RAYS prominent design mold forging

The design mold forging technique creates and forges into the ideal shape. This forging method provide the strength and rigidity to the wheel as originally designed by creating the fiber flow seamless throughout the wheel.

Newest analysis technology

Strength, rigidity and lightness derived by the latest analysis technology. It provides the functions necessary to SONIC, which exceed those of TE.

Exclusive four lug design

To create an exclusive four lug design, the center circle has been minimized and spokes have been given a four-tiered FACE, optimized by size. The weight has also been reduced.

Machining letters

[FORGED] are engraved. This is symbolized onto the finished design while playing the important role of guarding copies/replicas.

TE37 SONIC Center Cap