For the premium cars that continue to require high performance.

How should VOLK RACING approach all premium sports cars with transcendent performance? G25EDGE was born from this theme.
G25 is part of the G series, but has high rigidity that is similar or more than other VOLK RACING models. The beauty of G25 is kept intact, and [the higher level of rigidity] was pursued to achieve higher steering stability.
The G25’s best balance of 2×5 spoke design was kept intact with the height of the spoke vertical section and the rim and spoke connection point gaining rigidity were refreshed to acquire more performance. As a result G25EDGE achieved high level of rigidity that was never accomplished by other street wheels. In addition, lightweight was also achieved by shaving and reducing the unnecessary thickness of the wheel. The ultimate 1 piece wheel is created with the balance of high rigidity and lightweight, the G25EDGE.

  • Method:Forged 1pc. Wheel (Reverse rim)
  • RAYS original test:JWL+R Spec 2
  • Color:REFAB/Side Black (RK)
  • Included:Center Cap, ET1 Air Valve (BK)


REFAB/Side Black (RK)

Size Chart

20 9J FACE-1 40(37) 5 114.3 φ29-φ15 φ73.1
    • ※Scheduled to be discontinued once inventory clears.
    • ・INSET ( ): Hub clearance/mm
    • ※Big caliper clearance marks are not suggestions for fitment.
    • ・Θ: WRX STI
    • ・η: WRX STI (6POT)
    • ・■: IS, GS, RC, CROWN (210), MARK-X (3.5L)
    • ・⊿: IS-F
    • ・◎: RC-F
    • ・●: FAIRLADY Z (Z34)
    • ・◇: GT-R (R35/φ380, φ390 rotor)
20 9 1/2J FACE-2 30 5 112 φ29-φ15 φ66.6 AUDI A5*, S7*, PORSCHE MACAN*
      • ※Scheduled to be discontinued once inventory clears.
      • ・All 5H-P.C.D.112: Cannot fit Mercedes(GL Class, GLS Class, R550 4Matic, R350 4Matic 2012-, ML63 4Matic, S550 Plug in Hybrid, V class[W447], GLE63S 4Matic), Bentley, Maybach(57,62).
      • ※Fitments listed in this SAMPLE FITMENT are for reference only and do not guarantee inspection, clearance, and/or the size mandated by local authorities. Selecting sizes is by your own judgement and we recommend consulting fitments with a pro-fessional outlet.
      • ※ * :Tuner size. (Tire and or wheel may interfere or protrude from the body/fender on normal based vehicles.


Minimize deflection.

When the deflection of the wheel gets larger, it becomes the cause to losing response of steering performance. “High rigidity performance” is one of the concept of G25EDGE and is to minimize deflection to achieve clean driving.G25EDGE’s shapes of spokes were refreshed, height of the spoke vertical section became taller, and the inner rim has been changed to a shape that is difficult to deform. These changes to the spoke and rim were applied based on the design of racing wheels employed at the world’s highest stage of racing. Technologies that were cultivated from developing racing wheels were adopted to achieve higher rigidity to minimize deflection. G25EDGE was made to be sold in the consumer market, yet still achieves high rigidity that is comparable to GT500 race wheels.


G25 was designed from 16 inch for K-cars to 20 inch sizes to fit various segment of cars. However, G25EDGE’s sizes were aimed to be fitted to premium cars with higher power, heavier weight, and higher traction to achieve new beauty and a higher level of performance. Only limited vehicles can equip the G25EDGE, and in exchange of versatility, its outstanding performance is ready to be experienced.

Camber rigidity

From the data of simulation during the development of race wheels, the wheel’s rim always receive the vertical load while in rotation when the car is in movement. At the time of cornering, the rim flange receives a strong G from the side in addition to the vertical load. It also means that there is a constant force of power imposed on the inner rim when the car is cornering. This “amount of inner rim transformation” can be calculated by the “changing amount of camber angle.” This amount shows the wheel’s camber rigidity needs to be improved, also meaning to minimize the amount of rim transformation. The ideal image is to increase the handling stability so the contact area of tires become stable under any condition. This brings out the premium car’s maximum power potential. This is the aim of G25EDGE, “camber rigidity,” to minimize the transformation of the inner rim.

The challenge of VOLK RACING

VOLK RACING has been challenging continuously. Particularly, the challenge in the racing world is the best chance for RAYS’ technology to make rapid progress. It is already common sense that the more lightweight is achieved it equals to less rigidity. However, G25EDGE was made with the high level of rigidity and lightweight based on the technology that was used at the highest stage of the racing world. The theme of G series, [beautiful wheel] was achieved, yet higher levels of performance was also provided. This is the realization of [beauty and strength].
G25 has been favorable all over the world, and its performance was already great enough. However, challenging