VERSUS Standard Center Cap

  • Specifications may change without notifications.
  • We recommend usage of the center caps only with the applications listed.
  • Applications are given to fitment with the wheel line-up.
  • Actual fitment may differ with each vehicles hub height.

No.019 VERSUS VV Center Cap VB

  • V.V.5.2S (VH color)

No.020 VERSUS VV Center Cap Hairline

  • V.V.5.2S (VV&SSJ color)

No.021 VERSUS VV Center Cap BK-Almite

  • V.V.5.2S (APJ color)

No.022 VERSUS VS Center Cap V1 Chrome/BL

  • VOUGE (RB&DR&SYZ color), Conquista (EAA color)

No.023 VERSUS VS Center Cap V1 BK/RD

  • VOUGE (WP color), Conquista (BC color)

No.024 VERSUS VS Center Cap V2 Chrome/RD

  • Triaina, Salvatore, Revolve, CraftCollection Triaina