● Strength equal to or higher than chromoly steel! ● Ultra-lightweight (weight 63g per “M14 x P1.25 neck 28mm”)!
● Rust resistant and excellent corrosion resistance! It is a wheel bolt using the best material “titanium alloy (Ti6AL4V) forging”.

Titanium alloy (Ti6AL4V) forging
Ti6AL4V is the most sought after titanium alloy, and one of the most commonly used materials is this α-β alloy type material. It is used for structural materials and medical materials such as engines, airframe parts, and materials for chemical equipment in the aircraft industry, where the unique characteristics of titanium such as “light”, “strong”, and “rust-free” can be fully exhibited. Titanium alloy with α-β structure is also a material that has the characteristics of α alloy and β alloy. As alloying elements, Al that forms an α alloy and V that forms a β alloy are added. The material is molded by cold forging, the voids inside the material are crushed, the crystals are refined, and the direction of the crystals is adjusted to make a product with higher strength.
Titanium alloy that is light and has excellent strength
The biggest advantage of titanium is that it is light and strong, that is, it has a high specific strength. Specific strength is an index showing the tensile strength around the density, and the larger the value, the higher the strength, although it is lighter. It can be said to be the top class among non-ferrous metals.
Corrosion resistance of titanium
It is a material with excellent corrosion resistance and heat resistance as well as strength and lightness. Regarding corrosion resistance, it also has seawater resistance (it is a metal that is particularly strong against seawater because it is comparable to platinum), and it is often used in equipment that is expected to be used in seawater. The reason why it is resistant to corrosion is that, like aluminum and stainless steel, an oxide film with a thickness of nano units is formed as a protective film on the surface layer of metal.


Ti64 ELEMENTEK (Titanium Bolt) 4pcs

Product No.SizeMounting seat
Bolt style
Under-neck length mmOverall length mmJAN code
TI3028M14 x P1.560 °28684965581 130613
TI3035M14 x P1.560 °35754965581 130620
TI3528M14 x P1.2560 °28684965581 130811
TI3535M14 x P1.2560 °35754965581 130828
TI8028M14 x P1.514R28684965581 130712

* Titanium bolts will be discontinued as soon as they are sold out.

Ti64 ELEMENTEK (Titanium Bolt) Blue 4pcs

Product No.SizeMounting seat
Bolt style
Under-neck length mm
Overall length mmJAN code
TI3040UM14 x P1.560 °40804965581 130675
TI3045UM14 x P1.560 °45854965581 130682
TI3528UM14 x P1.2560 °28684965581 130859
TI3535UM14 x P1.2560 °35754965581 130866
TI3545UM14 x P1.2560 °45854965581 130880
TI8028UM14 x P1.514R28684965581 130750
TI8035UM14 x P1.514R35754965581 130767
TI8040UM14 x P1.514R40804965581 130774
TI8045UM14 x P1.514R45854965581 130781

Ti64 ELEMENTEK (Titanium Bolt) 20pcs

Product No.SizeMounting seat
Bolt style
Under-neck length mmOverall length mmJAN code
TI3028-20M14 x P1.560 °28684965581 131115
TI3035-20M14 x P1.560 °35754965581 131122
TI3045-20M14 x P1.560 °45854965581 131146
TI3528-20M14 x P1.2560 °28684965581 131313
TI3535-20M14 x P1.2560 °35754965581 131320


Product No.SizeMounting seat
Bolt style
Under-neck length mmOverall length mmJAN code
TI3040U20M14 x P1.560 °40804965581 131177
TI3045U20M14 x P1.560 °45854965581 131184
TI3528U20M14 x P1.2560 °28684965581 131351
TI3535U20M14 x P1.2560 °35754965581 131368
TI3540U20M14 x P1.2560 °40804965581 131375
TI3545U20M14 x P1.2560 °45854965581 131382
TI8028U20M14 x P1.514R28684965581 131252
TI8035U20M14 x P1.514R35754965581 131269
TI8040U20M14 x P1.514R40804965581 131276
TI8045U20M14 x P1.514R45854965581 131283

Part 1pc Replenishment parts (1 bolt)

Product No.SizeMounting seat
Bolt style
Under-neck length mmColorJAN code
ZTI3028M14 x P1.560 °284965581 130217
ZTI3035M14 x P1.560 °354965581 130224
ZTI3528M14 x P1.2560 °284965581 130415
ZTI3535M14 x P1.2560 °354965581 130422
ZTI8028M14 x P1.514R284965581 130316


Product No.SizeMounting seat
Bolt style
Under-neck length mmColorJAN code
ZTI3028UM14 x P1.560 °28Blue4965581 130255
ZTI3035UM14 x P1.560 °35Blue4965581 130262
ZTI3040UM14 x P1.560 °40Blue4965581 130279
ZTI3045UM14 x P1.560 °45Blue4965581 130286
ZTI3528UM14 x P1.2560 °28Blue4965581 130453
ZTI3535UM14 x P1.2560 °35Blue4965581 130460
ZTI3545UM14 x P1.2560 °45Blue4965581 130484
ZTI8028UM14 x P1.514R28Blue4965581 130354
ZTI8035UM14 x P1.514R35Blue4965581 130361
ZTI8040UM14 x P1.514R40Blue4965581 130378
ZTI8045UM14 x P1.514R45Blue4965581 130385