Stud Length Tool

When replacing the tire wheel, tighten our (* 1) steel nut by 10 mm or more. The notes are clearly stated. When checking this screw hooking allowance, I checked the approximate tightening length by the number of rotations of the screw, but this gauge (* 2) is a product that can measure how much the screw actually hooks on the hub bolt. Excessive or insufficient screw tightening (Fig. 1, Fig. 2) may lead to a serious accident. This product is recommended for car shops as well as tire shops. How about an item that allows you to safely attach tires and wheels to your car?

* 1: The screw tightening of our aluminum light alloy nut is 15 mm or more.
* 2: The measured values ​​are based on our wheel nuts.
For other companies’ products, the actual hanging cost may differ depending on the shape. Please note.
* Never use in the states shown in Fig. 1 and Fig. 2 below.


Product number No. JAN code
NTG 4965581 900025


■ Quantity: M12 x P1.5 (1 piece) / M12 x P1.25 (1 piece)
■ Overall length: 103 mm ■ Outer diameter: φ24 mm
■ Package size: H79 x W125 x D32 mm
■ Weight of one package: 177 g