Exclusive design for LAND CRUISER "70

“The VOLK RACING TE37XT LTD was exclusively designed for the Land Cruiser “”70″”.
The forged wheel boasts high performance that amplifies the vehicle’s toughness and driving performance, and supports the driver’s footing with safety that has passed the JWL+R SPEC 2 test, which is twice the normal level of the company’s original standards.
The size is 16×8.0J with a 0 inset for this vehicle, and the colors are Desert Yellow to match the body, which is different from the regular model, and Matte Gun Black, which is reminiscent of 4x4s.
In addition, the layout of the machining logo has been changed to match the off-road tires, and the rugged and hard gentleman’s version is finished to match both white and black lettering.
All for this car, the VOLKRACING TE37XT LTD.”

Size: 16inch
Construction Method: Forged 1pc. Wheel
Safety Standards: Clears JWL&JWL-T standards
Color: Matte Gunblack(MT), Desert Yellow(MI)
Optional: Center Cap


Desert Yellow (MI)

Matte Gunblack (MT)

Size Chart

16x8J F1 0 5 150 114 29 15 MT 1,962 06956800018MT
16x8J F1 0 5 150 114 29 15 MI 1,962 06956800018MI


Flat disk design

The 6-spoke design bears the TE37 name, but a flat disc design is used to create a design that matches 4x4s. The flat disc design contributes not only to the design but also do the light weight

A.M.T. Machining

In consideration of matching with the off-road tires to be installed, simple machining is adopted in this work, and the design is highly compatible with both white lettering/black lettering.

Exclusive Color

This limited edition model features two colors: desert yellow, which matches the body color of the LC70, and matte gun black, which evokes the image of a 4×4.  These colors are highly compatible with both the setup and other body colors.

No.82 VR Cap model -05 5-150 Chrome

No.83 VR Cap model-05 5-150 Black Chrome