The quality of SR

The TE37 Sport BOX or “SB” as it is also known, boasts a strength far exceeding the JWL-T standards and true lightweight performance. The SB Tourer is characterized by “lightness” and “stability during braking” as well as by the “functional beauty” that springs from its muscular image and excellent performance. The SB Tourer is now available in a new color, Shining Bronze Metal. Enjoy the marriage of the newly debuted lustrous Shining Bronze Metal color, enhanced by the exquisite diamond-cut rim.

  • Method:Forged 1pc. Wheel (Reverse Rim)
  • RAYS original test:Clears JWL&JWL-T standards
  • Color:Shining Bronze Metal/RimDC(SR)
  • Included:Air Valve
  • Optional:Center cap


Shining Bronze Metal/RimDC(SR)

Size Chart

17 6 1/2J FACE-1 48 6 139.7 φ112
FACE-2 38
18 8J FACE-1 38 6 139.7 φ112
FACE-2 30
8 1/2J FACE-3 22 6 139.7 φ112


Rim A.M.T.Machining

Diamond-cut processing has been applied to the rim. Instead of merely exposing the aluminum surface to enhance it shine, The rim flange has also been accented with machined letters.

3D Logo Machining

The VOLK RACING logo on the spokes is not just engraved; rather the logo has been machined into a 3D finish, befitting of such a high-quality wheel. Moreover, adapting the machining program for each face shape made it possible to machine the logo all the way along the spokes curve.

Spoke Shape

The spokes gracefully rise up from the center of the wheel, creating distinction between the wheel’s sections and achieving a strong sense of dimensionality.

VR Center Cap Model-05(for 6H-139.7 model) ※Support BOREφ112 model.

  1. Color:Chrome
    Hub Clearance:37.5mm

  2. Color:BK-Chrome
    Hub Clearance:37.5mm

RAYS LPS Center Cap ※Support BOREφ112 model.

  1. Color:BR/RD
    Hub Clearance:44mm

  2. Color:BK/RD
    Hub Clearance:44mm

  3. Color:Chrome/BL
    Hub Clearance:44mm

  4. Color:BK/BK
    Hub Clearance:44mm

Face Design

17 inch

18 inch