SR48 Lock Set

Optional Lock Set

While the 17 Hex is unique, sometimes you need that extra bit of security to ensure you wheels stay on your car at all times. Wheel Mate Monster Lug Lock Set ensures that your wheels are secure while matching the good looks and quality of the Monster Lug. Made of the same Cold Forged Chrome Vanadium, these lock sets are OEM tough and race car proven, as it was derived by racing. The oversized 60 degree tapered seat ensures better contact on the wheel and the top knurl makes installation easier. The Lock Set is open-ended to accommodate extended wheel studs. Available in multiple colors and in 12×1.5 and 12×1.25 inch thread pitches, the Muteki SR48 Lock Set will keep your vehicle secure!

Lock sets to match the original Muteki SR48 lug kits


  • Length : 48mm
  • M12x1.25 & M12x1.5 thread pitch
  • Variety of colors
  • Made of Cold Forged Chrome Vanadium #50BV30 Steel
  • 60 Degree Tapered Seat
  • Lug Seat diameter : 22.7mm (Largest portion of the lug seat) (
  • Open Ended Lug for extended studs
  • Splined security lock design
  • Comes with adapter

32901B M12 x 1.25 BLACK

32901T M12 x 1.25 TITANIUM

32901N M12 x 1.25 CHROME NEON

32901L M12 x 1.25 PURPLE

32901R M12 x 1.25 RED

32901U M12 x 1.25 BLUE

32901S M12 x 1.25 SILVER

32901UN M12 x 1.25 BURNED BLUE NEON

32901K M12 x 1.25 PINK

32901O M12 x 1.25 ORANGE

32901Z M12 x 1.25 CHROME YELLOW

32902B M12 x 1.50 BLACK

32902T M12 x 1.50 TITANIUM

32902N M12 x 1.50 CHROME NEON

32902L M12 x 1.50 PURPLE

32902R M12 x 1.50 RED

32902U M12 x 1.50 BLUE

32902S M12 x 1.50 SILVER

32902UN M12 x 1.50 BURNED BLUE NEON

32902K M12 x 1.50 PINK

32902O M12 x 1.50 ORANGE

32902Z M12 x 1.50 CHROME YELLOW

3211LK #11 Key Adapter

3213LK #13 Key Adapter

3216LK #16 Key Adapter

3219LK #19 Key Adapter

Each kit includes 4 pcs. locks, 1 pc. wrench adapter keys.