Racing Style Knurl Type Wheel Stud

Press in Extended Studs

Knurl Type Studs

    • Made out of high strength heat treated 40CR Steel
    • Durable yellow zinc finish protects the stud against the elements
    • Bullet type nose makes installing lug nut easier and faster
    • 60mm thread length accommodates wheel spacers up to 20mm
    • Better thread engagement than OEM studs
    • Easy Installation
    • Available for Honda/Acura, Nissan/Infiniti, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Ford, Chevy, Hyundai and many more.

37117T 12.22mm Knurl Dia. (Honda/Acura) 60mm 12×1.50 1990-2013

37118T 16.01mm Knurl Dia. (Camaro/CTSV) 60mm 14×1.50 New model

37119T 12.73mm Knurl Dia. (Corvette) 60mm 12×1.50 1979-2013

37120T 12.90mm Knurl Dia. (Hyundai) 60mm 12×1.50 1979-2013

37121T 14.23mm Knurl Dia. clip head (Mustang) 60mm 1/2” 2005-2013

37122T 12.76mm Knurl Dia.(Mitsubishi) 60mm 12×1.50 1985-2013

37123T 14.23mm Knurl Dia. (Nissan) 60mm 12×1.25 1990-2013

37124T 14.50mm Knurl Dia. (FRS/86/BRZ) 60mm 12×1.25 2005-2013