Racing Air Gauge Light

Racing Air Gauge Light

Rays Racing Air Gauge Light (R-RAG50)

A one-size -fits-all 50mm meter type that makes it easier to use the conventional Rays Racing Air Gauge.

Color: Black

High-precision racing air gauge
-High-precision error design within ± 8.0
kPa-Measurement up to 500 kPa
-Medium size 50 mm size
-Adopts EPDM rubber cover with high cushioning
-Upward button and 400 mm hose specification
-Straight chuck (standard) Comes with a spherical diagonal chuck
-The chuck part rotates and the meter can be oriented freely
-Resistant to damage due to the adoption of a resin hard meter cover-
Comes with a storage pouch
-Made in Japan (Asahi Sangyo Seisakusho)


Dedicated pouch included

Straight offset adapter included

Straight type chuck is set as standard.
Includes spherical tilt type chuck.
Can be replaced depending on the valve type of the wheel.