The high-end product “Racing Composite R40” of the racing nut is made of chrome molybdenum steel (SCM435 forged) and has super strength that can be used even in harsh racing scenes. Achieved (about 40g)! In addition, the free taper collar that prevents the screws from loosening acts as a washer to securely set the wheel on the vehicle body. You can choose from two colors, Glorias Black and Neo Black (titanium coating, rainbow), and it is also a gem as a wheel accessory.
USA PAT. D510259

● Since the collar and body are free, 60 ° taper runout of screws and bolts is prevented.
● The collar is free and has a washer effect, making it difficult for screws to loosen.
● A large radius is used on the upper part of the hexagon to facilitate wrench operation during installation and removal.
● Thorough weight reduction with aluminum color (A7075-T6 material).
● The nut body uses carbide forging (SCM435) and has the strongest hardness.

Racing Composite R40 (Lock & Nut Set)

Product No.SizeColorJAN code
RC-11NM12 x P1.5Neochro4965581 159508
RC-11KM12 x P1.5Glorious Black4965581 159300


Product No.SizeColorJAN code
RC-13NM12 x P1.25Neochro4965581 159607
RC-13KM12 x P1.25Glorious Black4965581 159409

Racing Composite R40 (Nut Set)

Product No.SizeColorJAN code
RC-01NM12 x P1.5Neochro4965581 159102
RC-01KM12 x P1.5Glorious Black4965581 158501


Product No.SizeColorJAN code
RC-03NM12 x P1.25Neochro4965581 159201
RC-03KM12 x P1.25Glorious Black4965581 158600

■ Replenishment parts (1) Nut Racing Composite R40

SizeProduct No.ColorJAN code
M12 x P1.5ZRC11KGlorious Black158518
M12 x P1.25ZRC13KGlorious Black158532
M12 x P1.5ZRC11NNeochro158525
M12 x P1.25ZRC13NNeochro158549


■ Replenishment parts (1) Lock Racing Composite R40

Size SizeProduct number No.Color
M12 x P1.5YLC11KGlorious Black
M12 x P1.25YLC13KGlorious Black
M12 x P1.5YLC11NNeochro
M12 x P1.25YLC13NNeochro


Dedicated adapter (1) Adapter

Nut side nut side / 17HEX
Wrench side Wrench side / 21HEX
A10 L60
JAN code
4965581 511702

Key Adapter (1) Key Adapter