●17HEX nut, easy to install just by attaching it to the bolt! ! Easy to remove with the included special tool! !
●Anti-rust effect that prevents corrosion of steel nuts and bolts! !
●3 color variations: red, blue, and black! !
●Heat-resistant nylon resin product with excellent weather resistance that does not easily fade! ! (*Durable temperature is up to 100℃.)
A resin cover cap recommended for rust prevention and colorization of steel nuts and bolts.

Kics Resin Cover Cap for 17HEX Nut & Bolt
KIX resin cover cap (for 17HEX nuts & bolts)
Product number No. Color JAN code
HEX Size
for Nut & Bolt
CRC17R Red 281063 17HEX 20pcs
CRC17U Blue 281070
CRC17K Black 281087

*Red and blue colors use pearl material for the resin material to give them a metallic luster. Due to the flow of the material (pearl material) due to injection molding, some areas may appear uneven in the coating, but this is due to the nature of the material. please note that. Black color is the normal material.

Our 17HEX nut (F101B-17)
Installation photo

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※please note

*This product is designed for installation based on the HEX size of the 17HEX nut or bolt, butThere are products from other companies or overseas products that have a weak fit. If so, please do not install it. The cap may come off while driving.

*This product cap is made of resin and has a durability temperature of up to 100℃. It may melt in harsh environments such as racing. Please remove it when using it for races etc. *Please be sure to push it in by hand when installing. If you hit it with a hammer or force it into place, it may break or become damaged.

■Refill parts (1 piece)
Kics Resin Cover Cap for 17HEX Nut & Bolt Part
1 resin cover cap (for 17HEX nuts & bolts)
Product number No. Color JAN code (4965581~)
ZCR17R Red 281094
ZCR17U Blue 281100
ZCR17K Black 281117
Dedicated removal tool (1 piece)
Product number: ACRC7
JAN code
4965581 281124
■Installation procedure
Push the cap into the 17HEX (nut, bolt) attached to the vehicle’s wheel.
*When installing, be sure to push it in by hand. If you hit it with a hammer, etc. and force it in, the cap may be damaged.
■Removal procedure
When removing, please use the included special removal tool.
To remove it, there are two holes at the top of the nut cap, on opposite sides, as shown in the figure below. Insert the tool into these two holes (as shown in the figure) and remove it.