The NS-C Brake Pads by Project Mu are developed for high performance and street duty for most popular automotive applications. The copper free, NSC uses the same pad material from the popular NS line of street pads and it provides outstanding initial stopping power. The NSC exhibits excellent low dust and squeal properties, as well. This is a street pad aimed for higher performance than your standard factory equipped brake pad. Get the most out of your street car, use the Project Mu NSC!

Material Copper free
Temperature range 0-400 ℃
Coefficient of friction 0.34 to 0.38μ

Make sure to eliminate dust generated by intense friction

Gas is generated when the substance contained in the friction material of the brake pad burns due to high temperature, and the gap between the pad and the rotor interferes with the effectiveness of the brake. This is called fading. A slit located in the center of the brake pad efficiently discharges gas and pad debris to maintain stable braking force.
* Not compatible with some models.
* Brake squeal may occur due to resonance due to aging of the rotor, judder, brake dust, rust, climate, etc.
* Some products are not applicable.

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