N2 Gas Valve Cap

Tire air is gradually released. Therefore, tire internal pressure management is one of the important maintenance.
In recent years, injecting nitrogen gas (N2) instead of air has become a hot topic. This is because nitrogen gas has a larger molecular structure than air, so it is
difficult for it to pass through the molecules of the tire. However, just putting it in may cause confusion during maintenance. Therefore,
you need a valve cap that proves that the tire is infused with nitrogen gas . It is a valve cap that also has fashionability that claims its existence.

Valve cap for nitrogen gas

Product Color JAN code
N2-VC plating 4965581 310107
N2-VR Red 4965581 310206
N2-VS Silver 4965581 310305
N2-VB blue 4965581 310404
N2-VBK black 4965581 310503