Muteki Spline Open End Nut

Compact Spline Open End Nut

Light-weight, racing style lug nuts at an affordable price, that’s what the Muteki Open Ended Lug Nuts are about from Wheel Mate Performance. The cold-forged steel of the Muteki Lug Nut permits it to be smaller, thinner, and lighter than normal steel nuts. Furthermore, the compact size of the Muteki Lug Nut allows it to be used in small diameter wheel holes. The open ended Muteki Lug Nut also allows for longer racing studs and full thread engagement. That, combined with the oversized 60 degree taper seat, ensures that the Muteki Lug Nut will keep your wheel secure. The unique shape of the spline drive will also signify that your wheels will not be removed by a thief passing by.

  • 60 degrees taper seat
  • M12x1.25 or M12x1.50 thread pitch
  • Cold forged 1008 steel
  • Finishes: Chrome, Black, Red, Purple and Blue
  • 20 spline drive lug nuts set
  • Comes with a 3/4″ & 13/16″ dual hex adapter

31885B M12 x 1.25 DEEP BLACK

31885C M12 x 1.25 CHROME

31885L M12 x 1.25 PURPLE

31885R M12 x 1.25 RED

31885U M12 x 1.25 BLUE

31885T M12 x 1.25 C. TITANIUM

31886B M12 x 1.50 DEEP BLACK

31886C M12 x 1.50 CHROME

31886L M12 x 1.50 PURPLE

31886R M12 x 1.50 RED

31886U M12 x 1.50 BLUE

31886T M12 x 1.50 C. TITANIUM