The product is a forged SCM435, screw size M12 (outer diameter φ22 mm), M14 (outer diameter φ23.5 mm), which is
an inner handle type through nut that is superior to wheels with a small lug hole diameter . The shape of the handle is also “Bull Rock Tusky Pattern” and the anti-theft effect is outstanding.
There are two colors, Glorias Black and Neo Black.

Design Registration No. 1629829 / Design Registration No. 1630147

Kics MONOLITH T1 / 06 [M12 x P1.5 / M12 x P1.25] 20PCS

Product No.SizeColorJAN code
MN01NM12 x P1.5Neochro4965581 278360
MN03NM12 x P1.25Neochro4965581 278377
MN01GKM12 x P1.5Glorious Black4965581 278346
MN03GKM12 x P1.25Glorious Black4965581 278353
  •  Accessories: 1 dedicated adapter (A128)

■ Replenishment parts (1 piece)

Product No.SizeColorJAN code
(4965581 ~)
ZMN11NM12 x P1.5Neochro278315
ZMN13NM12 x P1.25Neochro278322
ZMN11KM12 x P1.5Glorious Black278292
ZMN13KM12 x P1.25Glorious Black278308

Dedicated adapter Adapter (1pc)

19/21 HEX (2 steps)
JAN code
4965581 278339