• Excellent durability, ultra-super duralumin A7075-T6 forged
  • Bag type with a total length of 35 mm and a width across flats of 19 HEX
  • Ultra-lightweight with a weight of 22 g per piece.
  • New color, yellow gold added!

Kics LEGGDURA RACING (Lock & Nut SET) 20pcs Kics LEGGDURA RACING (Lock & Nut ) 20 pieces

  • Lock & Nut SET (20pcs)
  • Nut 16pcs / lock Nut 4pcs (1 key adapter included)
  • Lock & Nut SET (16pcs)
  • Nut 12pcs / lock Nut 4pcs (1 key adapter included)
  • SIZE: M12 × P1.5 / M12 × P1.25
  • Overall length: 35mm
  • Width across. flats : 19HEX ● Brim diameter: 25mm (key adapter outer diameter 26mm)
  • Effective screw thread length: 26mm
Product No.SizeColorJAN code
KIC1RM12 x P1.5Red4965581 255507
KIC1PM12 x P1.5Purple4965581 255804
KIC1UM12 x P1.5Blue4965581 255606
KIC1EM12 x P1.5Light Green4965581 258416
KIC1OM12 x P1.5Yellow Gold4965581 296647
KIC1GM12 x P1.5Gunmeta4965581 255705
KIC1BM12 x P1.5Bronze4965581 256009
KIC1KM12 x P1.5Black4965581 257907
KIC3RM12 x P1.25Red4965581 256108
KIC3PM12 x P1.25Purple4965581 256405
KIC3UM12 x P1.25Blue4965581 256207
KIC3EM12 x P1.25Light Green4965581 258423
KIC3OM12 x P1.25Yellow Gold4965581 296654
KIC3GM12 x P1.25Gunmeta4965581 256306
KIC3BM12 x P1.25Bronze4965581 256603
KIC3KM12 x P1.25Black4965581 258003
  • Quantity: 20 pieces (16 nuts / 4 locks), 1 key adapter


Kics LEGGDURA RACING (Lock & Nut SET) 16pcs Kics LEGGDURA RACING (Lock & Nut
) 16 pieces

Product No.SizeColorJAN code
KIC16RM12 x P1.5Red4965581 256702
KIC16PM12 x P1.5Purple4965581 257006
KIC16UM12 x P1.5Blue4965581 256801
KIC16EM12 x P1.5Light Green4965581 258508
KIC16OM12 x P1.5Yellow Gold4965581 296661
KIC16GM12 x P1.5Gunmeta4965581 256900
KIC16BM12 x P1.5Bronze4965581 257204
KIC16KM12 x P1.5Black4965581 258102
KIC36RM12 x P1.25Red4965581 257303
KIC36PM12 x P1.25Purple4965581 257600
KIC36UM12 x P1.25Blue4965581 257402
KIC36EM12 x P1.25Light Green4965581 258607
KIC36OM12 x P1.25Yellow Gold4965581 296678
KIC36GM12 x P1.25Gunmeta4965581 257501
KIC36BM12 x P1.25Bronze4965581 257808
KIC36KM12 x P1.25Black4965581 258201
  • Quantity: 16 pieces (12 nuts / 4 locks), 1 key adapter

Kics LEGGDURA RACING (Nut Set) 20pcs

  • Nut SET (20pcs)
  • Nut SET (16pcs)
  • SIZE: M12 × P1.5 / M12 × P1.25
  • Overall length: 35mm
  • Width across flats : 19HEX
  • Brim diameter: 25mm
  • Lock nuts are not included with this nut set.
  • Effective screw thread length: 26mm
Product No.SizeColorJAN code
KIN1RM12 x P1.5Red4965581 290102
KIN1PM12 x P1.5Purple4965581 290409
KIN1UM12 x P1.5Blue4965581 290201
KIN1EM12 x P1.5Light Green4965581 293561
KIN1OM12 x P1.5Yellow Gold4965581 296685
KIN1GM12 x P1.5Gunmeta4965581 290300
KIN1BM12 x P1.5Bronze4965581 290607
KIN1KM12 x P1.5Black4965581 290706
KIN3RM12 x P1.25Red4965581 290805
KIN3PM12 x P1.25Purple4965581 291109
KIN3UM12 x P1.25Blue4965581 290904
KIN3EM12 x P1.25Light Green4965581 293660
KIN3OM12 x P1.25Yellow Gold4965581 296692
KIN3GM12 x P1.25Gunmeta4965581 291000
KIN3BM12 x P1.25Bronze4965581 291307
KIN3KM12 x P1.25Black4965581 291406
  • Quantity: 20 nuts

) 16 pieces

Product No.SizeColorJAN code
KIN16RM12 x P1.5Red4965581 291505
KIN16PM12 x P1.5Purple4965581 291802
KIN16UM12 x P1.5Blue4965581 291604
KIN16EM12 x P1.5Light Green4965581 293578
KIN16OM12 x P1.5Yellow Gold4965581 296708
KIN16GM12 x P1.5Gunmeta4965581 291703
KIN16BM12 x P1.5Bronze4965581 292007
KIN16KM12 x P1.5Black4965581 292106
KIN36RM12 x P1.25Red4965581 292205
KIN36PM12 x P1.25Purple4965581 292502
KIN36UM12 x P1.25Blue4965581 292304
KIN36EM12 x P1.25Light Green4965581 293677
KIN36OM12 x P1.25Yellow Gold4965581 296715
KIN36GM12 x P1.25Gunmeta4965581 292403
KIN36BM12 x P1.25Bronze4965581 292700
KIN36KM12 x P1.25Black4965581 292809
  • Quantity: 16 nuts

■ Replenishment parts (1 piece) nut

Product No.SizeColorJAN code
(4965581 ~)
ZKIC1RM12 x P1.5Red295015
ZKIC1PM12 x P1.5Purple295046
ZKIC1UM12 x P1.5Blue295022
ZKIC1EM12 x P1.5Light Green295503
ZKIC1OM12 x P1.5Yellow Gold296722
ZKIC1GM12 x P1.5Gunmeta295039
ZKIC1BM12 x P1.5Bronze295060
ZKIC1KM12 x P1.5Black295077
ZKIC3RM12 x P1.25Red295152
ZKIC3PM12 x P1.25Purple295183
ZKIC3UM12 x P1.25Blue295169
ZKIC3EM12 x P1.25Light Green295510
ZKIC3OM12 x P1.25Yellow Gold296739
ZKIC3GM12 x P1.25Gunmeta295176
ZKIC3BM12 x P1.25Bronze295206
ZKIC3KM12 x P1.25Black295213


■ Replenishment parts (1 piece) lock

Product No.SizeColor
YKIC1RM12 x P1.5Red
YKIC1PM12 x P1.5Purple
YKIC1UM12 x P1.5Blue
YKIC1EM12 x P1.5Light Green
YKIC1OM12 x P1.5Yellow Gold
YKIC1GM12 x P1.5Gunmeta
YKIC1BM12 x P1.5Bronze
YKIC1KM12 x P1.5Black
YKIC3RM12 x P1.25Red
YKIC3PM12 x P1.25Purple
YKIC3UM12 x P1.25Blue
YKIC3EM12 x P1.25Light Green
YKIC3OM12 x P1.25Yellow Gold
YKIC3GM12 x P1.25Gunmeta
YKIC3BM12 x P1.25Bronze
YKIC3KM12 x P1.25Black

key adapter (1pc)

Product number No .: A-21


Light alloy adapter with sleeve (1)

(Recommended to prevent scratches on the light alloy nut)
* This product is an option. Please note that it will be sold separately.
Nut side nut side 19HEX / wrench side wrench side 21HEX
Product number No .: A40
JAN code: 4965581 510903
  • For light alloy nuts [Sleeve 19mm spare for light alloy nuts is 100 yen (excluding tax) per piece]
  • The wrench side of this light alloy adapter is 21HEX. All reducer racing light alloy nuts are 19HEX, so please purchase a special wrench or conversion wrench (A-14) separately.