LEGGDURA RACING Number Plate Lock Bolt

  • The product has a two-piece structure with an aluminum cap with a bright color alumite surface treatment.
  • The body bolt has a steel inner handle lock pattern to prevent theft of the license plate.
  • The aluminum cap is large (* outer diameter φ19 mm), so the impression of wearing it will increase.

Leggdura Racing License Plate Lock Bolt

Product No.Color ColorJAN Code
KPLBRRed4965581 278025
KPLBUBlue4965581 278032
KPLBAGold4965581 278001
KPLBKBlack4965581 278018


  • Quantity / 4 pieces
  • Materials / Aluminum cap, Steel bolt
  • Package dimensions / W76 × H160 × D26 (mm)
  • 4 pieces Package weight / 111g

* The outer diameter size of this product (bolt) is φ19 mm.
There are some vehicles where the letters hang on the bolt. If the bolt hangs on the letter,
it cannot be used. In addition, LED number light plates may
not be installed . (The length under the screw neck may be short or long
.) When
purchasing, please check the license plate of the current car .

■ Aluminum cap

Product No.Color ColorJAN Code
SKPCRRed4965581 278056
SKPCUBlue4965581 278063
SKPCAGold4965581 278087
SKPCKBlack4965581 278070

Lock bolt (1PCS)

M6 x P1.0 (size under the neck 15 mm)

Reducer Racing Nameplate (1PCS)

JAN Code 4965581 278049

Key adapter (1PCS)

(Wrench side) 10HEX
Outer diameter 14 mm / total length 50 mm