REDURA 2 piece shell type nut M14×P1.5 new release! !
In recent years, the number of M14 vehicles has been increasing.
Honda Civic Type R (FK2.FK8), Lexus LX570, LS460/600h/500, LC500,
Nissan GT-R (NISMO), Toyota Granace, Land Cruiser 100/200/300, etc.
The body core nut is made of chromoly steel SCM435 for excellent strength and durability!
The duralumin shell cover has red, blue and black alumite surface treatment!
A 2-piece nut recommended for M14 vehicles.Design registration No. 1533660 No. 1551718 / USA PAT. US D746,129S

LEGGDURA RACING Shell Type Lock & Nut Set (M14xP1.5) RL54
16 pcs + 4 Locks

Part No. Size Color JAN code
RL54-14R M14×P1.5 Red 341767
RL54-14U M14×P1.5 Blue 341774
RL54-14K M14×P1.5 Black 341781
●Core nut (19HEX) dedicated adapter (outer diameter: 26mm) 1 piece
●Lock core (19/21HEX combined use) key adapter (outer diameter: 26mm) 1 piece
●Aluminum shell exclusive adapter (outer diameter: 26.3mm) 1 piece Pieces


■ Replenishment parts (1 piece)


19HEX core Nut
Size Part No. Color JAN code
M14×P1.5 ZLN4B Black 4965581 341828


Lock core Nut
Size Part No. Color
M14×P1.5 YLR4B Black


21HEX aluminum shell
Part No. Color JAN code
SLR4R Red 4965581 341798
SLR4U Blue 4965581 341804
SLR4K Black 4965581 341811


Dedicated adapter (1 piece)
Nut side 19HEX
Wrench side 21HEX
JAN code
4965581 530338
Key adapter (x 1)
19/21HEX combined use
Manual tightening adapter for aluminum shell (1 piece)
(Aluminum shell side) 21HEX
Outer diameter 26.3mm/Length 90mm
JAN code: 4965581 341835