• A super compact type with a total length of 25 mm and an effective screw of 22 mm. ● Ultra-lightweight (approx.) 14g per piece.
  • The lock nut has a lock pattern that uses a bull lock type. Complicates the identification of key numbers and improves theft deterrence.
    In addition, the key fitting is good, and the durability by tightening is also excellent.

Kics LEGGDURA RACING Compact Type Lock & Nut Set 16pcs

Product No.SizeColorJAN code
KIL16RM12 x P1.5Red4965581 296821
KIL16PM12 x P1.5Purple4965581 296814
KIL16UM12 x P1.5Blue4965581 296838
KIL16EM12 x P1.5Light Green4965581 296753
KIL16GM12 x P1.5Gunmeta4965581 296760
KIL16BM12 x P1.5Bronze4965581 296746
KIL16KM12 x P1.5Black4965581 296784
KIL16IM12 x P1.5Pink4965581 296777
KIL16LM12 x P1.5Light Blue4965581 296791
KIL16OM12 x P1.5Yellow Gold4965581 296807
KIL36RM12 x P1.25Red4965581 296920
KIL36PM12 x P1.25Purple4965581 296913
KIL36UM12 x P1.25Blue4965581 296937
KIL36EM12 x P1.25Light Green4965581 296852
KIL36GM12 x P1.25Gunmeta4965581 296869
KIL36BM12 x P1.25Bronze4965581 296845
KIL36KM12 x P1.25Black4965581 296883
KIL36IM12 x P1.25Pink4965581 296876
KIL36LM12 x P1.25Light Blue4965581 296890
KIL36OM12 x P1.25Yellow Gold4965581 296906

■ Replenishment parts (1 piece) nut

Product No.SizeColorJAN code
(4965581 ~)
ZKIL1RM12 x P1.5Red297026
ZKIL1PM12 x P1.5Purple297019
ZKIL1UM12 x P1.5Blue297033
ZKIL1EM12 x P1.5Light Green296951
ZKIL1GM12 x P1.5Gunmeta296968
ZKIL1BM12 x P1.5Bronze296944
ZKIL1KM12 x P1.5Black296982
ZKIL1IM12 x P1.5Pink296975
ZKIL1LM12 x P1.5Light Blue297149
ZKIL1OM12 x P1.5Yellow Gold296999
ZKIL3RM12 x P1.25Red297125
ZKIL3PM12 x P1.25Purple297118
ZKIL3UM12 x P1.25Blue297132
ZKIL3EM12 x P1.25Light Green297057
ZKIL3GM12 x P1.25Gunmeta297064
ZKIL3BM12 x P1.25Bronze297040
ZKIL3KM12 x P1.25Black297088
ZKIL3IM12 x P1.25Pink297071
ZKIL3LM12 x P1.25Light Blue297156
ZKIL3OM12 x P1.25Yellow Gold297095


■ Replenishment parts (1 piece) lock

Product No.SizeColor
YKIL1RM12 x P1.5Red
YKIL1PM12 x P1.5Purple
YKIL1UM12 x P1.5Blue
YKIL1EM12 x P1.5Light Green
YKIL1GM12 x P1.5Gunmeta
YKIL1BM12 x P1.5Bronze
YKIL1KM12 x P1.5Black
YKIL1IM12 x P1.5Pink
YKIL1LM12 x P1.5Light Blue
YKIL1OM12 x P1.5Yellow Gold
YKIL3RM12 x P1.25Red
YKIL3PM12 x P1.25Purple
YKIL3UM12 x P1.25Blue
YKIL3EM12 x P1.25Light Green
YKIL3GM12 x P1.25Gunmeta
YKIL3BM12 x P1.25Bronze
YKIL3KM12 x P1.25Black
YKIL3IM12 x P1.25Pink
YKIL3LM12 x P1.25Light Blue
YKIL3OM12 x P1.25Yellow Gold


Key Adapter Key Adapter (1pc)

19 / 21HEX 2-step key


* Be sure to observe the following items before installing.
● Do not install the nut if the nut screw does not tighten more than 15 mm when installing the wheel.
● Some vehicles (Mitsubishi vehicles, etc.) have hub bolts that interfere with each other depending on the length of the hub bolts. If it interferes, never install it.
* Nissan Dayz Roox (B21A) (* OEM car of Mitsubishi ek Space) cannot be installed.
● Do not use if the hub bolt interferes with the nut head and there is a gap in the wheel mounting seat, making it impossible to securely mount the wheel. Please check the length of the hub bolt of the vehicle before purchasing as it may cause the nut to loosen and cause the wheel to come off.

Light alloy adapter with sleeve (1)

(Recommended to prevent scratches on the light alloy nut)
* This product is an option. Please note that it will be sold separately.
Nut side 19HEX / Wrench side 21HEX
Product number: A40
JAN code: 4965581 510903

* The wrench side of this light alloy adapter is 21HEX. All reducer racing light alloy nuts are 19HEX, so please purchase a special wrench or conversion wrench (A-14) separately.