• The product is a heptagonal heptagone nut and a small diameter bag nut with a brim diameter of φ20 mm (exclusive adapter outer diameter of φ24 mm). Lightweight (single weight L42, 43g / L50, 50g) nuts made of chromoly (SCM435 forged) material, two types with a total length of 42mm and 50mm.
  • A new color gold (gold plated) will be added to the ultimate nut (bag type). The trendy color of yesteryear, gold plating, is revived with the ultimate nut. Recommended for trendy classic wheels and deep rim wheels.
    The total length is the same as before, with two types, 42 mm and 50 mm, and screw sizes M12 x P1.5 and P1.25.

KYOKUGEN Closed End Type L42

Product No. Size Overall length Color JAN code
HPF1B4 M12 x P1.5 42mm Black 4965581 276106
HPF3B4 M12 x P1.25 42mm Black 4965581 276205
HPF1A4 M12 x P1.5 42mm Gold 4965581 278223
HPF3A4 M12 x P1.25 42mm Gold 4965581 278230



KYOKUGEN Closed End Type L50

Product No. Size Overall length Color JAN code
HPF1B5 M12 x P1.5 50mm Black 4965581 276304
HPF3B5 M12 x P1.25 50mm Black 4965581 276403
HPF1A5 M12 x P1.5 50mm Gold 4965581 278247
HPF3A5 M12 x P1.25 50mm Gold 4965581 278254

KYOKUGEN Closed End Type PART (1pc)

Product No. Size Color Overall length JAN code
Z711242 M12 x P1.5 Black 42mm 275802
Z713242 M12 x P1.25 Black 42mm 275901
Z711250 M12 x P1.5 Black 50mm 277202
Z713250 M12 x P1.25 Black 50mm 277301
Z711A42 M12 x P1.5 Gold 42mm 278186
Z713A42 M12 x P1.25 Gold 42mm 278193
Z711A50 M12 x P1.5 Gold 50mm 278209
Z713A50 M12 x P1.25 Gold 50mm 278216


Dedicated adapter Adapter (1pc)

19/21 HEX (2 steps)
A60 L90
JAN code
4965581 511900