• Approximately 25g when the aluminum cap is removed
  • It is a “bag nut with a cap” with an aluminum cap attached to the ultimate penetration nut (total length 25 mm). It is a combination of the ultimate nut body (black) and the aluminum cap (red, blue, gold, black).
    It is recommended as an accent for “K car, compact car” wheels with the theft deterrent of the hex nut and the colorful cap.
  • When the cap is attached (total length 28 mm), it becomes an effective screw (20 mm). * Please note the long hub bolt.


KYOKUGEN Nut [Attached Aluminum Cap] 20pcs

Product No.SizeNut ColorCap ColorJAN code
HP1KRM12 x P1.5BlackRed4965581 279435
HP1KUM12 x P1.5BlackBlue4965581 279442
HP1KAM12 x P1.5BlackGold4965581 279459
HP1KKM12 x P1.5BlackBlack4965581 279466
HP3KRM12 x P1.25BlackRed4965581 279473
HP3KUM12 x P1.25BlackBlue4965581 279480
HP3KAM12 x P1.25BlackGold4965581 279497
HP3KKM12 x P1.25BlackBlack4965581 279503
  • Accessories: 1 dedicated adapter (A60), 6HEX L-type wrench
  • When the cap is attached, the effective screw of the limit nut is 20 mm. When installing, check the screwing allowance of the vehicle hub bolt.
  • If the hub bolt hits the bottom, never use it.

KYOKUGEN Nut [Attached Aluminum Cap] 16pcs

Product No.SizeNut ColorCap ColorJAN code
HP16KRM12 x P1.5BlackRed4965581 279510
HP16KUM12 x P1.5BlackBlue4965581 279527
HP16KAM12 x P1.5BlackGold4965581 279534
HP16KKM12 x P1.5BlackBlack4965581 279541
HP36KRM12 x P1.25BlackRed4965581 279558
HP36KUM12 x P1.25BlackBlue4965581 279565
HP36KAM12 x P1.25BlackGold4965581 279572
HP36KKM12 x P1.25BlackBlack4965581 279589
  • Accessories: 1 dedicated adapter (A60), 6HEX L-type wrench


Design registration number 1658027

■ Replenishment parts (1 piece)

Product No.SizeColorOverall lengthJAN code
(4965581 ~)
Z71120LM12 x P1.5Black25mm279596
Z71320LM12 x P1.25Black25mm279602


Product No.SizeColorJAN code
ZCK1RM12 x P1.5Red279619
ZCK1UM12 x P1.5Blue279626
ZCK1AM12 x P1.5Gold279633
ZCK1KM12 x P1.5Black279640
ZCK3RM12 x P1.25Red279657
ZCK3UM12 x P1.25Blue279664
ZCK3AM12 x P1.25Gold279671
ZCK3KM12 x P1.25Black279688


Dedicated adapter Adapter (1pc)

19/21 HEX (2 steps)
A60 L90
JAN code
4965581 511900

L-type wrench

JAN code
4965581 279695