The adult sense of silhouette and texture

The DAYTONA brand has been providing unconventional off-road style. The FDX F6 extends the brand’s field further to the urban style.
This F6 has off-road performance that can “grab the earth”, just like other DAYTONA wheels. By setting the limit exclusive to the 6 lug cars, the 2×6 mesh design earned an ultimate concave cross-section. In addition, by keeping the spoke thickness, it made the wheel more rigid emphasizing the three-dimensional design. The F6 provide larger cars to look more powerful. With the strength and rigidity made by RAYS’ technology, the F6 will perform on any rough road. This is DAYTONA’s [OFF-ROAD] style specialty.

On the other hand, driving into the city leaving behind the dirt, the F6 will hide its vitality and behave cool. The [Black Machining] color is more appealing and the machining on the spoke side emphasizes the color differences even more. The [Clear Black] color shows different expressions by the lighting and angles. Starting with the 20 inch size, this is DAYTONA’s first approach to offer these two colors. F6 is self-assertive and without hesitation stand out between the buildings and road of the busy streets and neon lights. This is the new [ON] style that DAYTONA offers.
F6 can adapt to two different stages, yet can satisfy you in every scene both off-road and city driving.

  • Method:Cast 1pc. Wheel
  • RAYS original test:JWL&JWL-T standard
  • Color:Black Machining (B8)
    Clear Black (KZ)
  • Included:Center Cap, Snap-in Air Valve, Long Adapter


Black Machining (B8) 20x8.5

Clear Black (KZ) 20x8.5

Size Chart

17 8J 20(45) 6 139.7 φ29-φ13 φ112
18 8J 20(45) 6 139.7 φ29-φ13 φ112
20 8 1/2J 22(45), 38(45) 6 139.7 φ29-φ13 φ112


Concave Design

DAYTONA’s strong point is to limit the target fitment and concentrate on the design. This F6 is no exception. It is evident on the F6’s concave design by making the center part as deep as possible. If this wheel was designed to cater to many different cars this cross-section would not be possible to achieve.
When installing wheels to larger cars, it is important to keep the dimension of the wheel to maintain the overall balance. Other than having the maximum concave design, the F6 has more features that can show the wheel to appear more dimensional. For the [Black Machining] color, machining was added on the spoke side to make it stand out and emphasize depth. For the [Clear Black] color, concave design is emphasized by the shades and shadows of the spoke surface. By including various tricks to emphasize dimensionality, wheels can appear to be more powerful and balanced with the mass of a large car.
In addition, the 2×6 mesh design was adopted exclusively for the 6 lug size while not disturbing the lug holes within the design.

Spoke design and Drilled machining

The spoke ends grab the rim flange. The strength of the wheel is expressed by providing a level difference rather than a continuous line. Simultaneously, spoke sides are shaved for a toned and weight loss effect. In addition, drilled machining is added on wheel well to show that the F6 is part of the FDX series. The FDX F6 design includes many thoughts of “being more stylish than ever.”

New Center Cap

To match the new concept of the F6, a new black color center cap has been added. This impressive center cap with dynamic design helps to capture the wheel’s dimension.