F8 Gain

New "GAIN Style"

TEAM DAYTOAN brand produces the 2nd GAIN series F8GAIN.
It adopts a 2×8 spoke and it has an American style with profound stately feel and wildness.
Drilled pierce, spoke, and shape of rim flange are inherited from the shape of F6 GAIN.
That style fit in not only off-road scenes but also urban environment.
The new American style from TEAM DAYTONA.
It’ll match for footing of SUVs.

  • Method:Cast 1pc. Wheel
  • RAYS original test:JWL&JWL-T standards
  • Color:Black Machining (BNG), Semigloss Super Dark Gunmetal (AOL)
  • Included:Center Cap
    Inside Aluminum Valve BK


Black Machining (BNG)

Semigloss Super Dark Gunmetal (AOL)

Size Chart

20 9J 0(64),18(46) 6 139.7 φ29-φ13 φ106.1
    • ・INSET(  ):Hub Clearance/mm


Deep Concave

The ultimate exclusive layout and the brand new size “20inch 9J” provides a deep concave disc cross section.
F8GAIN embraces a concave profile to enhance its presence to deeper and longer, while embracing a profound center part. The spoke extends the center part to spoke end directly leading its presence to a deeper and bold style.

Machining Technology

The coloring adopts black machining. Machining finish on the spoke side enhances the concave face.
Black color and aluminum hair lines add a wild presence to the wheel.
In addition, engraved logo with RAYS patented technology “A.M.T” is set on the wheel center.

Spoke & Rim Design

It adopts the same spoke design and rim flange shape as with F6GAIN.
The stepped spoke dimension style expresses a larger aperture feel to its strength.

Semigloss Super Dark Gunmetal

F8Gain adopts Semigloss Super Dark Gunmetal which is composed by a deep gunmetal conscious of the urban scene and semigloss clear finish conscious to the gloss feeling of tires.