Dual Phase Sysstem (DPS)

Theft is prevented by the double wrench for 7 corners inside the main body bolt and the 5-hole aluminum cap.
It is a bolt that gives a better image when attached than a normal hexagon bolt and also prevents theft.
It is recommended for those who are a little worried about theft but are looking for fashionable bolts.

■ D ・ P ・ S (Dual Phase System) Bolt

Product No. Size Below the neck mm JAN code 4965581-
W3128K M12 x P1.5 28 271903

● Color: Platinum black 5-hole cap bolt is aluminum black alumite.
● Key 2-sided width (A-81): 19 / 17HEX (2-stage key)
● Quantity: 20 main body bolts (5-hole cap included), 1 main body bolt key adapter, 1 5-hole cap bolt key adapter number
※ this product will eliminate as soon as discontinued.

■ D / P / S (Dual Phase System) Bolt Replenishment Parts (1)

Inner hex bolt body (platinum black)
Product No. Size Under the neck (mm) JAN code
ZW312K M12 x P1.5 28 4965581 272306


5-hole cap bolt (black)
Part number: CW1K
(Please let us know the key number when ordering.)


Inner hex bolt dedicated adapter
Product number: A-81
17/19 HEX combined use (2 steps)


Key adapter for 5-hole cap bolt
Part number: A-82
(Please let us know the key number when ordering.)