“Compression bolt” for exclusive use of through nut (long type) is a product in which a steel ball and a spring are built in an aluminum bolt, and it is a product to be attached to the excess screw part of the through nut that was actually attached (see the figure below). You can create an appearance that looks like you are wearing a super long hub bolt !!
Moreover, the tension of the spring improves the loosening prevention effect of the attached nut.



Patent registration No. 6638005

* This product “compression bolt” is exclusively for through nuts (long type).
* Be sure to install the nut with the nut attached to the vehicle (retrofitting).
● For installation, use the included 6HEX, L-type wrench.
* The maximum tightening torque of this product “compression bolt” is 4N ・ m (0.4kgf ・ m) .
If more torque is applied, the tip of the bolt may be damaged and the elasticity of the spring may be lost.
* The nut screwing allowance “above figure” varies depending on the amount of hub bolt protrusion of each car manufacturer’s model.
It also changes when spacers are installed or long hub bolts are used.
When installing, check the total length of the nut and the screwing allowance, and calculate the amount of protrusion of the “comp bolt”.
* This product “compression bolt” requires an extra screw length of “8 mm or more” “above figure”.
* Never use the product if it protrudes from the vehicle fender after installation.
* This product has a washer effect due to the elasticity of the coil spring, but it cannot completely prevent the screws from loosening.
Regular retightening of the wheel nut body and this product is required.
* To remove the wheel, first remove the “comp bolt” and then the nut.


Product No. Size Overall length Color JAN code
CB281R M12 x P1.5 28mm Red 4965581 279749
CB281U M12 x P1.5 28mm Blue 4965581 279756
CB281A M12 x P1.5 28mm Gold 4965581 279763
CB281K M12 x P1.5 28mm Black 4965581 279770
CB281S M12 x P1.5 28mm Silver 4965581 279787
CB283R M12 x P1.25 28mm Red 4965581 279794
CB283U M12 x P1.25 28mm Blue 4965581 279800
CB283A M12 x P1.25 28mm Gold 4965581 279817
CB283K M12 x P1.25 28mm Black 4965581 279824
CB283S M12 x P1.25 28mm Silver 4965581 279831


  • Accessories: 6HEX L-type wrench


Product No. Size Overall length Color JAN Code
CB381R M12 x P1.5 38mm Red 4965581 279947
CB381U M12 x P1.5 38mm Blue 4965581 279954
CB381A M12 x P1.5 38mm Gold 4965581 279961
CB381K M12 x P1.5 38mm Black 4965581 279978
CB381S M12 x P1.5 38mm Silver 4965581 279985
CB383R M12 x P1.25 38mm Red 4965581 279992
CB383U M12 x P1.25 38mm Blue 4965581 280004
CB383A M12 x P1.25 38mm Gold 4965581 280011
CB383K M12 x P1.25 38mm Black 4965581 280028
CB383S M12 x P1.25 38mm Silver 4965581 280035


  • Accessories: 6HEX L-type wrench

■ Replenishment parts (1 piece)

Product No. Size Color JAN code
(4965581 ~)
ZCB1R M12 x P1.5 Red 279848
ZCB1U M12 x P1.5 Blue 279855
ZCB1A M12 x P1.5 Gold 279862
ZCB1K M12 x P1.5 Black 279879
ZCB1S M12 x P1.5 Silver 279886
ZCB3R M12 x P1.25 Red 279893
ZCB3U M12 x P1.25 Blue 279909
ZCB3A M12 x P1.25 Gold 279916
ZCB3K M12 x P1.25 Black 279923
ZCB3S M12 x P1.25 Silver 279930


Product No. Size Color JAN code
(4965581 ~)
ZCB1LR M12 x P1.5 Red 280042
ZCB1LU M12 x P1.5 Blue 280059
ZCB1LA M12 x P1.5 Gold 280066
ZCB1LK M12 x P1.5 Black 280073
ZCB1LS M12 x P1.5 Silver 280080
ZCB3LR M12 x P1.25 Red 280097
ZCB3LU M12 x P1.25 Blue 280103
ZCB3LA M12 x P1.25 Gold 280110
ZCB3LK M12 x P1.25 Black 280127
ZCB3LS M12 x P1.25 Silver 280134

L-type wrench

JAN code
4965581 279695