Block Buster 2nd ”NEW EDGE STYLE”

Urban, meet wild.
Check out the brand-new BB25S, RAYS second model in the BB Series. With its hybrid design combining off-road and sporty looks, the BB series stands apart from our existing models. The BB25S features a new layered spoke design that emphasizes the wheel’s unique geometry—precision-engineered sharp edges highlighting urban sophistication on the top face overlay strong spokes that conjure up the wild. With the contemporary “accented outer-rim look” in mind, we’ve applied hybrid machining to the rim flange to create a robust, solid rib expressing a separated effect that continues the TEAM DAYTONA brand concept. The BB25S introduces a 19-inch size to the brand line-up for the first time, expanding the range of wheel options available for your car.
The TEAM DAYTONA BB25S—Fusing multiple elements to embody RAYS “NEW EDGE STYLE.”

  • Method:Cast 1pc. Wheel
  • RAYS original test:JWL+R spec 1
  • Color:Semigloss Black+Hybrid Machining(BBD)
  • Included:Center Cap
    Air Valve


Semigloss Black+Hybrid Machining(BBD)

Size Chart

19 8J 50 (39) 5 114.3 φ29-φ15 φ73.1
45 (44)
38 (51)


Unique outer-rim look

We apply hybrid machining between the spokes to create the recently popular and eye-catching accented outer-rim look.

Wild and Sharp

The spoke features a distinctive geometry of double-layered spokes. The design highlights the top face’s thickness and crisp edges, producing a unique look that changes when seen from different angles.

Stepping Machining

RAYS is always on the hunt for better surface processing technology. Here, the “RAYS” logo shines like crystal with its special uneven surface treatment. (Patent no. 6813198).