Ball Seat Check Gauge

There are 5 types of lug bolt spherical seats for European cars, M14 (14R / 13R / 12R) and M12 (13R / 12R). .. In such a case, wouldn’t it be convenient to have a gauge to check the spherical seat? Would you like one item or tool case recommended for those who specialize in imported cars or for users?

BCG Check Gauge

Product No. JAN code
BCG 4965581 900018


  • Size: W130 × H144 mm / 1mm thickness
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Confirmation of mounting seat
  • Screw diameter M14: (14R, 13R, 12R, 60 ° taper)
  • Screw diameter M12: (13R, 12R)
  • Confirmation of screw pitch
  • Millimeter screw: (P1.5, P1.25, P1 .75, P2.0)
  • Inch screw: (1/2 ”-20RH, 3/8” -24RH)

* Length under the neck, up to 60mm