A-LAP-J 2324

Limited edition 23-24 with completely new colors

A·LAP-J is a forged one-piece wheel RAYS built to further enhance Jimny’s and Jimny SIERRA’s overwhelming individuality and rough-road running performance. A·LAP-J is the lightest wheel designed exclusively for the Jimny and has been offered in various colors including limited year models. For the 2023-2024 season, RAYS has launched an entirely new color “Matte Translucent Black.” Its simple construction consisting of 10 spokes and deep rims without anything extra is entirely covered by matte black, highlighting the tough impression. Also, the vertical walls of the center circle and rims have been diamond-cut to expose the aluminum base metal, and the matte black clear coat has been sprayed over the cut surfaces, including the logo machining using RAYS patented technology “A.M.T.” This model has been daringly finished with reduced gloss, thereby controlling the entire surface with a single tone. Two sizes are available: one for Jimny and the other for the Jimny SIERRA. In particular, “16 × 6J, Inset -5” has been newly released for Jimny SIERRA as a special size for this limited model, aiming to highlight its concave design.

  • Method:Forged 1pc. Wheel (Reverse Rim)
  • RAYS original test:JWL+R Spec 2
  • Color:Matte Translucent Black(PH)
  • Included:Air Valve, Sticker


Matte Translucent Black(PH)

Size Chart

16 5 1/2J FACE-1 S(35㎜) 20 5 139.7 φ29-φ15 108.8 1,367
6J FACE-2 L(55㎜) -5 5 139.7 φ29-φ15 108.8 1,367
  • Can fit OEM Jimny center cap (rear only).


Diamond-cut rims

The vertical walls of the rims that cannot be seen from the front have been diamond-cut and finished with matte black clear coat. This gives the metallic texture an accent when seen at certain angles, with black as the base color, which is a distinctive design for limited colors.

Diamond-cut center

Like the rim walls, the center circle has been diamond-cut in the depressed areas around the nut holes. These cut surfaces have been also finished with matte black clear coat, highlighting the dimensional disk design with reduced excessive gloss.


The A.M.T.-machined letters shows that this is a RAYS unique wheel. All the letters engraved around the rim flange have been finished with matte black clear coat as well. These engraved letters have been elaborately color-tuned with the other diamond-cut surfaces to achieve perfect harmony.

Limited size and concave

16 × 6J, Inset -5′ is available exclusively for the Jimny SIERRA. Compared with the regular model 16 × 6J, Inset +5,’ this model has a 10-mm lower inset, offering FACE-2 design with a more concave disk shape. Combined with the L-size rim depth, A·LAP-J Desert Edition leaves a more powerful, three-dimensional impression.